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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety: Guide & Top Brands for 2022

Anxiety is one of the most commonly suffered mental illnesses globally. Millions of adults may find themselves trapped in recurring attacks and feelings of nervousness due to trauma or the stress of everyday life, including about 1 in 3 adults in the United States. However, treatment doesn’t need to be psychiatric drugs with dangerous side effects or risks of addiction– relief is possible through natural supplements, and today we’re examining a new anxiety treatment method that’s on the rise: the best CBD oils for anxiety.

What is CBD?

First of all, cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. But don’t be frightened– cannabidiol isn’t psychoactive, and it won’t alter your mental state. It’s delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly shortened to THC, a separate compound that induces euphoria. Tiny trace amounts of THC in CBD products may cause peace of mind and calmness; however, these are just some more benefits of these products. Both CBD and THC are derived from the hemp plant, but research proves CBD products are entirely safe to use for adults.

Note that CBD is also completely legal; although it is not FDA approved (unless it is prescribed by a doctor to treat seizures), it is legal to buy in all fifty states and can be purchased online or in-store.

CBD is available in many other forms, including creams and gummies. To learn more about these other ways to take CBD, you can find articles here for CBD cream, and here for CBD gummies. However, CBD oils are the original and likely the most potent form that you can take CBD’s benefits in.

Top CBD Oil Brands for Anxiety in 2022

Below begins the list of the top five CBD oil for anxiety brands in 2022. Here is a short summary of each brand that will be covered and how they stand out from the others:

How We Selected Our List of The Best CBD Oils for Anxiety

There is a wide variety of CBD brands available on the market, both online and in-store. However, no two CBD oils are the same– there are many factors that must be taken into account before purchasing a CBD product to guarantee that you will receive the results that you need, especially when it comes to CBD oil for anxiety.

It’s also not just the amount of CBD in each oil that makes it work or not– there’s actually a lot more to it. Here’s a basic rundown of where we got our evidence from:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Hemp quality and location
  • Rankings on internet forums and studies
  • Shipping and returns
  • The other ingredients in each unique CBD oil: artificial or natural?
  • Packaging instructions and clarity
  • Options for CBD doses
  • Flavor and customization options
  • And if there are harsh chemicals being used in the extraction process

You can visit to check the factors they considered when they were choosing CBD oil brands for anxiety.

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression In 2022

Each of these brands have been exclusively mentioned in this article after close consideration. Although there are many brands available, the following 5 have been proven to be at good prices while still containing the necessary ingredients to treat anxiety naturally with CBD oil. Within each brand, there are multiple flavor and potency options that you can choose from to customize your own perfect product. Read on to find out what makes each of these brands unique!

#1 FAB CBD: Editor’s Pick & Best Overall


  • No harsh chemicals or pesticides
  • Full-spectrum product
  • Non-GMO and animal cruelty-free
  • CO2 extraction process
  • Organically grown hemp extract
  • Multiple Concentrations and Flavors

FAB CBD oil made it to the top of our list for CBD oils to treat anxiety, and not without good reason. It’s all-natural, organic, Colorado-grown and high-quality hemp that produces maximum potency cannabidiol. FAB CBD oil helps with everyday stress, anxiety, exercise recovery, calmness restoration, and an overall boost to your mind and body health.

They also sell a number of other CBD products, including creams and gummies. Their CBD cream contains 600mg of CBD that helps soothe pain and inflammation. It sells at $49 for a 2oz tube of extra strength cream. They also offer CBD-infused fruit-flavored gummies starting at $59 with 25mg per gummy, perfect for an on-the-go mood boost. If you’re suffering from insomnia or trouble sleeping, FAB also sells CBD gummies for nighttime, containing melatonin.

You can purchase FAB’s CBD oil if you’re in the United States starting at 39 dollars for a 30mL bottle. There are many flavors, including citrus, mint, natural, berry, and vanilla. You can also customize your own oil order by choosing the strength you want from an assortment of 300, 600, 1200, or even 2400 mg of cannabidiol per bottle.

FAB CBD was founded in 2017 in Wisconsin. They grow their hemp there organically using no chemicals or pesticides and provide nutritional products, health and skincare products, and pet products. FAB uses part of their profits for greater causes, including wishes for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Lab Testing

FAB CBD works together with ProVerde laboratories to test their CBD products, including this oil. ProVerde laboratories checks FAB products and shows that they contain the ingredients described on their website and the appropriate potency that they promise.

FAB CBD remains completely transparent about their own lab testing reports. In fact, they make them available on the internet for anyone to read.

How to Use

Fab CBD offers a step-by-step guide with tips and instructions on how to get the maximum benefit from their products. For most, the 300 or 600 mg option is the best place to start. If you feel that these bottles are not producing that great of an effect, you may try out the 1200 or 2400 mg option. All of them are perfectly safe to try out, however, it is best to start slowly, especially if you are new to CBD.

According to FAB, simply fill up the dropper halfway with oil and place it under the tongue. If you like, you can pour your oil dosage into a drink, smoothie, or other CBD recipe and still receive the same benefits. FAB also states that it’s better to avoid touching the dropper to your mouth or tongue to preserve the hemp extract’s quality and pureness.

Shipping and Returns

FAB promises a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products. They accept returns only if they contain RMA (return merchandise authorization), and also pay shipping fees if the delivery was a mistake. For multiple item purchases, only one item can be opened and used for a return. Return shipping time takes approximately 3-9 days, while processing takes 4-7 days.

FAB calculates their customer’s shipping charges uniquely based on product height and weight. For orders of 99 dollars or more, shipping is completely free in the United States.

Note that this company only ships to the United States. This includes all 50 states.


  • Third party lab tested, with reports available online
  • Shipping is free for orders over 99 dollars
  • Wide variety of CBD products and customization options
  • Rewards program for customers


  • Only ships to the United States
  • No auto-ship option

#2 Medterra CBD: Best Value


  • Contains only CBD and coconut oil
  • Ultra Broad-spectrum Product
  • 6% CBD and THC free
  • CO2 extraction process
  • All products made in the United States

Medterra CBD also offers numerous cannabidiol-infused products to help with pain, stress, and anxiety (even for pets!). Their most prominent oil, however, is their CBD tincture that sells at 35 dollars for a 1 oz bottle with 500mg of CBD. This purchase contains 30 servings of the product, lasting you one month of daily use. If you need a stronger dose, a 1000mg bottle sells at $56, and 3000 mg at $132.

They also sell CBD topicals, including a CBD cream that contains no plasticizers and absorbs fully into the skin. Additionally, you can purchase CBD immune drops and pet products from this company.

Medterra’s CBD is Kentucky grown. Their hemp extraction practices are carefully regulated to meet the standards of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. They are based in Irvine, California, and all their CBD products are proudly made in the United States.

Lab Testing

Medterra CBD gets their products lab tested through Green Scientific Labs. This lab runs tests on all of their products to ensure there are no pesticides, heavy metals, or bacteria.

The company also provides their lab testing reports online so you can see their results for yourself. To view these, simply find the product page of the item you want to check and you’ll find an easy and accessible button to take you to a PDF of their real and raw results. Their products are also certified by the US hemp authority.

How to Use

According to the Medterra website, their 30-serving CBD oil can be taken day or night as needed. As with many other CBD oils, simply place the dropper with oil underneath the tongue and squeeze the oil out. Their dropper is marked with lines for the amount of oil you are taking. One serving should be 1 milliliter. Each serving contains 16mg of CBD.

Shipping and Returns

Medterra CBD ships their products legally to all fifty states, as well as internationally to Europe. Shipping is free. If you want to return your product, you can do so within thirty days of when it was received. However, Medterra does not cover return shipping fees.


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ships Internationally


  • No full-spectrum products
  • Smaller product size with less servings
  • Shipping cost not covered for returns

#3 Nuleaf Naturals: Best Variety


  • No additives in any of their products
  • Full-spectrum products
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil
  • CO2 extraction method

Nuleaf Naturals CBD provides products with ingredients just like its name– natural! Their pure CBD oil is a whole hemp extract product that is made with organic hemp. One 300mg of CBD bottle with 30mL of oil sells at $38.50. The 900mg alternative sells at $99, the 1800mg at $180, 3000mg at $240, and 6000 at $440.

Nuleaf Naturals was founded in 2014 by plant medicinists. For all of their products, they use a CO2 extraction method that is completely safe for humans and animals to use. In fact, CO2 is found in a lot of foods and beverages we consume already.

As far as Nuleaf Naturals products go, you can also purchase CBD oil specifically for your pet or consume CBD yourself through softgels. In fact, Nuleaf Naturals also carries CBG oil, or cannabigerol, another compound (albeit a less popular option) found in the hemp plant.

Lab Testing

Nuleaf Naturals products are all tested by independent labs. You can view the reports of their lab tests on the product pages on their site. According to Nuleaf, their independent labs check for mold, fungi, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. They also check to ensure that there is a good amount of terpenes and cannabinoids to create a quality product[2].

An organization known as the Detox Project checks Nuleaf products for pesticides. The products are also cGMP and ISO certified.

How to Use

You can use Nuleaf Naturals’s CBD oil in multiple ways; for example, the traditional sublingual method. Place the 1mL dose under the tongue and hold it for thirty seconds. This is the recommended method, and is also the fastest.

However, you can also mix the oil with a skin moisturizer or just apply it directly onto your skin. If you want to get even more creative, you can add your dose to a smoothie and drink it through there[2].

Shipping and Returns

Nuleaf ships their products to all fifty states and internationally. In fact, USA shipping is free and fast, arriving in 2-3 days. This company ships with USPS, and you can pay for express shipping at checkout.

You may return products within thirty days of delivery for a full refund, but they must be unused and unopened. Nuleaf Naturals does not pay return shipping costs. Nuleaf will give you a free exchange if your product arrives damaged or defected.


  • Free shipping for US orders
  • 30-day return policy
  • Available for purchase in select retail stores


  • Expensive
  • No flavors

#4 Joy Organics: Best Broad Spectrum


  • USDA Certified-Organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Broad Spectrum, Vegan, 0.0% THC
  • Each bottle holds one ounce of CBD oil
  • Proprietary cannabinoid formulas


Joy Organics sells CBD oils that are certified USDA organic and promise to bring you nothing but joy (pun intended)! Joy offers a wide variety of CBD products, not limited to oil. You can also purchase gummies, topicals, pet products, and energy drinks infused with CBD.

Joy Organics’s CBD oil is broad spectrum. Don’t get this mixed up with full-spectrum– broad means that the oil is completely THC-free, but it does not contain all of the compounds from the hemp plant, while full spectrum may have small trace amounts of THC, but it contains all the good compounds from the hemp. You can pick up a 1 oz bottle of their 900 mg premium broad spectrum CBD oil for $56. A 450mg alternative is available at $45, and a 1350mg option at $90.

Joy organics was founded in 2018 by mother and grandmother Joy Smith. Her company is completely family owned and operated, placing emphasis on the environment. Shipping is carbon neutral, and the products are grown using regenerative farming practices.

Joy Smith began looking for CBD products but found that they didn’t seem to have much effect. This inspired her mission to create a CBD healthcare company, her goal being to give customers quality CBD products.

Lab Testing

All of Joy Organic’s products are lab tested. The reports are available on the website, listed on every product page. The third-party laboratory that tests Joy’s products is known as Cannalysis.

How to Use

As per the Joy Organics website, you can use their premium CBD oil as needed, but optimally, stick to a schedule of approximately once per day for the most consistent results. Use the oil sublingually.

Shipping and Returns

Joy Organics proudly sells their products free of any shipping cost. There is a 30-day money back guarantee to return products. Anyone can purchase from the United States, but unfortunately, this company doesn’t offer international shipping.


  • Free shipping
  • Made with recyclable materials and sustainable farming
  • Lab-tested with reports available online


  • Limited CBD concentrations
  • No international shipping

#5 CBDPure: Best Return Policy


  • Full-spectrum product
  • Homegrown on a family farm in Colorado
  • No unnecessary added ingredients
  • CO2 extraction process
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

CBDPure is yet another brand that created their own unique formula of cannabidiol oil to help restore calmness. Just as it is written in the name, their oil is also pure CBD hemp oil. You can purchase their 2 fl oz bottles starting at $29.99 on the CBDPure website, containing 300mg of cannabidiol. They also offer 600mg and 1000mg at higher price points.

CBDPure was founded in 2016 on a mission to create the world’s best CBD oil. They are a family-owned company based in Washington. They sell CBD oil, cream, softgels, and a CBD pet product.

They strictly extract their products using supercritical CO2 extraction instead of chemicals, the cheaper alternative and avoid using pesticides by growing only organic hemp.

Lab Testing

All CBDPure products are third-party lab tested. They also publish their reports online, making them publicly available to any curious customers. CBDPure products are tested for the following: Cannabinoid Profiling, Pesticide Testing, Microbiological Screening, Terpene Analysis, and Residual Solvent Testing.

How to Use

This oil is suitable for adults only. Adults should take half of the dropper and place it under their tongue, leaving it there for 60 seconds before swallowing. Take this amount twice daily, or as needed.

Shipping and Returns

One thing that sets CBDPure apart from the rest is that they have a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your product, you have 90 days to return it and will receive a full refund. CBD ships to all 50 USA states, as well as the United Kingdom and Canada. However, they do not ship internationally to any other countries. Shipping costs about seven dollars in the United States.


  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Family-owned business
  • Third party lab tested


  • Shipping is $6.95
  • No flavor options
  • Limited amount of concentration options

What is Anxiety

According to, anxiety is defined as the mind and body’s reaction to stressful, dangerous, and unfamiliar situations. This is usually geared to an event that is believed to have an uncertain outcome like when the current President was sworn in. This might explain why anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States.

Signs of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is not hereditary. If you need to know if someone close to you suffers from it, see if anyone of them dislikes the thought of big crowds. They may become very suspicious around other people which can cause their life to be a lonely one. This is a result of them never seeking to find a person’s true intentions. By doing so, they ultimately become a prisoner in their own mind. I would not wish that punishment on my worst enemy.

Causes of Anxiety

There are many causes of anxiety and depression. Anxiety can be caused by a mental condition, physical condition, the effects of drugs, or a combination of these. Excessive dieting due to being insecure about your physical appearance can lead to it as well. This is found most often amongst models, dancers, and actors who are always in front of a camera.

Anxiety does affect a person mentally so it can actually be learned through observation, not hereditary. That is why the biggest cause of anxiety is our environment, whether it is our home, school, or that job we hate. We are usually taught that if a situation is scary and makes us feel uncomfortable we should leave it immediately. Trusting our instincts is our human ability to keep us alert and motivated which leads us to do what we need to do.

Anxiety Symptoms

Physical symptoms that a sufferer might show are appearing fearful and panicky, having cold and/or sweaty hands or feet, sleep problems, and not being able to sit still. Due to the activation of the body’s fight or flight response, anxiety can be physically painful. Some symptoms can not be so obvious like the excessive need for reassurance, eating disorders, someone who needs to be an over perfectionist, social isolation, and difficulty focusing.

Social Anxiety

Those who suffer from social anxiety tend to flee the scene at the fear of being humiliated or judged. In the society that we live in now where your appearance is more valued than your mind, I am sure that this area has the most sufferers. They may avoid eating for fear of being seen as fat or refuse to shake hands to avoid appearing weak. Luckily, the ones who suffer from this type of anxiety are not in denial about it.

There are two types of anxiety and they are performance and interaction. Those who suffer from the performance type have a fear of being in the spotlight. So you would never see them on stage. I once suffered from this type when I played my clarinet in college. The thought of what someone in the audience would think about my technique would race my mind the entire time. During one performance, in particular, I squeaked once and that was it. I sped up the piece that was written in adagio and ran off the stage. Worse performance of my career. The interaction type of anxiety is where a person does not want others in their business.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a normal stage of development that occurs when a child has to be separated from its mother. Their mother is usually the only person that the child trusts wholeheartedly. When anyone is stripped from their comfort -zone, the situation can cause them to experience a bit of separation anxiety, even as an adult. For me, this occurred when I had to return to work after just having my son. I did not truly trust the thought of him being in the care of anyone else but me. This can be something very difficult to deal with. I mean who is okay with leaving their child in tears knowing that you leaving them is the reason why? That is actually the main reason that I chose to quit my 9 to 5 and work from home.

Anxiety Attack

A panic attack is a sudden episode of tense fear that triggers severe physical reactions when there is no real danger or apparent cause. Having a panic attack can be frightening because the sufferer is left to feel as if they do not have control of themselves, having a heart attack, or even dying. When a person is suffering from a panic attack, they may experience different symptoms like an impending sense of doom, an increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and chest pain. There is no sure cause for a panic attack, but genetics, stress, and changes in brain function play a major role.

Research on CBD and Anxiety Disorders

We all experience the occasional bout of nervousness before a job interview or another stressful event. However, for millions of adults, this can progress into extreme feelings of apprehension that are long-lasting and debilitating. This is known as general anxiety disorder. Anxiety is characterized by extended insomnia, episodes of increased heart rate and difficulty breathing, trouble concentrating, and panic attacks[1].

In the world of psychology, there are also numerous other anxiety disorders including panic disorder, OCD, avoidant personality, PTSD, and more all centered around anxious feelings. Although there are many holistic vitamins claiming to bring relief, many people opt for harder psychiatrist drugs and end up experiencing even worse side effects. This is why it is extremely important to take a close look at all your options before deciding on the best treatment for your feelings of anxiety.

CBD oils are a safe, legal, and soothing way to bring anxiety relief. In fact, the US National Library of Medicine Institutes and Health has conducted a study on CBD and anxiety that shows CBD can potentially treat anxiety disorders.  It can also bring quick relief for THC-induced anxiety. The study also showed that CBD helped treat people with social anxiety disorder. It prevents loss of grey matter in the brain, memory loss, and even psychotic symptoms.

How Does CBD Oil Work to Manage Anxiety?

 Anxiety can typically be relieved through the activation of serotonin receptors; this is why SSRI’s, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are a popular treatment choice. However, drugs aren’t always necessary; in any case, it is always best to explore holistic and natural treatments first before beginning prescription treatments in non-severe cases.

Cannabidiol oil can help alleviate anxiety by working to bind to and activate receptors in the brain and across the nervous system. CBD oil can activate serotonin receptors in the brain, increasing serotonin, and helping to treat anxiety.

How to Use: CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety

You may have noticed that you can choose what CBD concentration you would like in your oil before purchasing. So how do you know which to purchase?

Well, there are multiple factors to take into consideration before choosing your dosage. Each person needs a different dosage depending on their body weight and condition they are treating. It’s best to discuss with a health practitioner, doctor, or holistic doctor/medicinist to determine your optimal dose.

However, you can also determine your own dose by starting off with a small concentration and working your way up until you feel you have gotten the desired treatment for your anxiety. You may be tempted to start big and see what happens; but in reality, your body does need time to adjust to the new introduction of cannabidiol to its endocannabinoid system, so it’s best to start small and move your way up.

According to Healthline, start with 20-40 mg per day and increase your dose by 5mg after a week. Keep repeating this 5mg increase schedule per week until you have achieved your desired results[4].

Most CBD oils are typically taken sublingually. Take the dropper and fill it to the desired mark, then squeeze the oil underneath your tongue. Hold the oil there for 30 to 60 seconds, and then you can swallow normally. This is the quickest and best method to take CBD oil. However, you can also rub it onto your skin if you like, or add it into a blender and make a smoothie with your daily CBD dose inside.

Other Forms of CBD

CBD is not limited to just oil; in fact, you can even put it on your skin. CBD can be found in gummies, oils, topical creams and salves, bath bombs, and even pet products for pet anxiety relief!

Many beauty products like shampoos and conditioners also contain small amounts of CBD in them as well. However, it’s typically not enough to create a significant effect. For most, 300-500mg is a good starting point to take of CBD daily. You can adjust your own dosage based on how you react to the cannabidiol.

CBD oil is one of the best and most direct forms to take CBD in, especially for anxiety. A certain amount of droplets are placed on the tongue typically once per day.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD, known as cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant. I guess that is why some people say that it is God’s medicine. Who knew you could use CBD for anxiety? You may be asking it is legal to consume CBD oil and the answer would be yes. In 2014, President Obama signed into law the Agricultural Act of 2014. Section 7606 of the act, Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, defines industrial hemp as distinct from marijuana. This authorizes institutions of higher education or state departments of agriculture in states that legalized hemp cultivation to regulate and conduct research and pilot programs. Basically, it’s up to the states to regulate the growth per their own State Departments. This act states that if a plant is deemed legal, then anything coming from it is legal and that includes THC as long as its level is under .3%.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD has also been proven to be safe for adults so it can be consumed without the fear of any side effects. It has not been tested on children. CBD oil has its fair share of health benefits. It has been proven to regulate the body’s natural functions including, but not limited to, a better mood, sleep, appetite, and immune response by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system. And unlike THC, you can consume CBD oil without the fear of becoming “high”.

Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil

Although CBD is perfectly safe for adults (and pets) to use, you may experience some side effects, especially when starting off. Pregnant or nursing women, as well as children under 18 should consult a health specialist before using CBD.

The US National Library of Medicine has conducted a survey on those experiencing side effects to document which are the most prevalent[5].

  • 30% dry mouth
  • 22% feeling high
  • 20% change in appetite
  • 19% fatigue
  • Some also experienced gastrointestinal symptoms

Researchers are currently looking to see if these side effects are not caused by CBD, but rather by small amounts of THC in the product (specifically the ‘high’ feeling which is not caused by CBD). Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are buying your CBD oil from a third-party lab-tested source like companies such as FAB CBD, Medterra, etc. to avoid having potentially harmful amounts of THC in your oil.

Final Thoughts

Overall, CBD oil can be a great natural treatment for anxiety, including social anxiety and phobias. The serotonin boosting properties can help calm you down while leveling your mood, even making you more confident. While there are many brands in the market that offer CBD oil, no two are the same. CBD oil concentration, purity, isolate vs full spectrum, and whether or not the oil has added ingredients all plays a role in determining the best CBD oil for anxiety. The dosage required for everyone is different, and there’s also different ways you can use CBD oil. Lastly, CBD oil can have some possible side effects which you said be aware of before buying your own bottle. We arranged an exclusive list of the top 5 brands taking into account all of these factors, FAB CBD making it to the top, followed by Medterra.






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