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Blue Dream Strain Review

The negative stigma surrounding marijuana is finally being broken down and people are free to smoke the bud! Well, mostly. As of 2019, 33 states in the United States have offcially legalized weed and decriminalized the possession of small amounts. While the exact laws may vary from state to state, it is impossible to argue that this is an amazing beginning. There are now thousands of strains to choose from with varying qualities and concentrations. Strains are either pure or hybrid and consist of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Pure strains are originals and hybrid strains are a mix of Indica and Sativa. There are so many strains to choose from that it can leave a consumer a little overwhelmed when trying to come to a decision. In this article we will be trying to answers any and all most asked questions regarding one strain in particular: Blue Dream Marijuana.

Blue Dream: What is it?

The product child of strains Haze and Blueberry, Blue Dream Kush is a highly popular West Coast strain of Marijuana that has earned it’s spot as a top competitor in the world of weed. It is a hybrid that is dominated by Sativa, meaning it has a more uplifting and energetic, as well as a relaxed and euphoric feel to it, due to it’s Indica traits. Because of this, it is more often sought out for day use. This particular strain is popular with both patients and recreational users alike. It acts as a stimulant and has many medical uses.

Blue Dream is well-known and very popular and can be found at most any dispensary. It’s genetics are specifically 60% sativa/40% Indica, but because the science is not exact, it is possible to receive a bud that is Indica leaning. Likes humans, every Cannabis plant has it’s own uniqueness. For the most part, however, this situation is a rarity.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream Strains

Aroma – Blue Dream Marijuana was made popular by it’s unique and enjoyable aromas. The fruity flavor users experience after their first hit is enough to bring them back for more. The hint of sweet blueberries dominates the nostrils and works together with an earthy citrus aroma, making this strain of weed a real treat. Some even note some undertones of floral and grape. These smells were passed down from their parent strains: Haze and Blueberry.

Flavor – Blue Dream’s flavor walks hand in hand with the small. The natural hemp flavors work together with the blueberry, sandalwood, and citrus to treat your taste buds to a sweet surprise that will turn this strain into a favorite pretty quickly. It is really no question as to why Blue Dream has become to immensely popular since its birth in the early 2000s.

Appearance – Blue dream, despite tasting and smelling of blueberries, does not have any noticeable hints of blue or purple. This strain in a rich to dull green, covered in hints of orange and yellow pistols. It is also coated in a thick layer of frosty, off-white, resin. The leaves of the Blue Dream plant can vary in color that can depend on a few different factors.


How is the Blue Dream Strain Grown?

If you are interested in growing a healthy crop of Blue Dream Kush, it is always important to provide your plants with the necessary nutrients to ensure it’s effectiveness. Along with Nitrogen and Magnesium, multiple other fertilizers will be need to grow your Blue Dream. And LOTS of fresh water! Blue Dream has a reputation for being a strain that requires multiple gallons of water a day (can you say needy?) But that’s okay, Because of course you don’t mind babying it a little to get the, totally worth-it, end result.

If you are growing your Blue Dream outside, you can expect to harvest up to 600 grams of bud PER plant! While the flowering time remains a bit on the slow side, we think you will agree that the wait is definitely worth it. You can expect to harvest your crop anywhere between September and October after around 8 to 9 weeks of grow time.

You are going to want to find a high-quality soil to work with and this will play a huge part in the overall taste and quality of your finished product. Use hydroponics if you decide to grow indoors. Check your plants daily and always remember to water them!

Effects of Blue Dream Marijuana

Beginner and Veteran Blue Dream Users alike can expect a relaxed and calming full body effect, paired with a stimulation of the mind. It is described as being heavily uplifting and energetic, making it a very popular day-use strain of weed. Some even go as far as to compare it to a morning cup of coffee.

Because it is a hybrid, it has the ability to give it’s users the best of both worlds, but this is probably not the best strain for anyone looking for a weed to aid in their sleep. It is energetic and slowly slips the user into a sweet feeling of relaxed euphoria. If you are a new user, take your first hit slowly and give it time to set in. Take time to realize your tolerance before moving on.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blue Dream Weed?

Some conditions that Blue Dream Kush is used to treat can include:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

Among others

If you are suffering from severe symptoms of any of the prior mentioned condtions, it is always advised that you speak with your doctor to figure out what is best for you. If you do use Blue Dream to treat your medical condition, be sure to start slow and build your tolerance so as not to smoke more than necessary. If you take it slow and understand your own limits when smoking, the negative side effects can typically be avoided completely.

If you are looking for a medicine to treat a more severe condition, such as cancer related symptoms and seizures, you’re best bet is to seek out a more CBD dominated treatment. CBD is the compound found within the cannabis plant that are responsible for treating more serious conditions. While THC does have relieving properties, CBD is the master of healing in this plant.

Possible Side Effects

Along with pretty much any other strain of marijuana, the most common side effect of using Blue Dream Marijuana is going to be dry eyes and cotton mouth (dry mouth). To avoid this minor nuisance, simply keep a bottle of water handy after having smoked. Eyes drops are also an essential item when on a weed journey. Any sort of eye hydrating drops will do.

Some other more serious possible side effects to smoking Blue Dream weed may include paranoia or anxiety. As stated above, take your first hits slowly and build up your tolerance. Take one hit and give the plant time to work it’s magic before puffing any more. This is the surest way of understanding your own personal tolerance.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this strain of Marijuana is a delight for all of the senses. From it’s adoring and sweet aroma, to the harmonic taste, and the pretty green appearance. Both the Sativa and Indica parts of this lovely hybrid work together to give you and overall feeling of happy and content euphoria.

Blue Dream is a well-balanced and tasty treat for any level of experienced smoker.

Because it is so well-known and popular, it can be easily found at just about any dispensary you visit. If you decide to grow this bud, remember that it requires a lot of time, care and especially water!

Ease your way into your first toke so as not to overwhelm yourself and experience any unwanted side effects. Also, do not use this energetic strain as a sleep aid, because your min dis more likely to wander into creativity instead.

Blue Dream Marijuana has been widely popular on the West Coast for some time now, but if you are living literally anywhere else, and have yet to experience it, it is 10 out of 10, highly recommended. Anyone who claims to be a smoker has to have this one on their belt loop when discussing different strains among other weed enthusiasts.

Keep in mind that this particular strain is not meant or made to treat more severe medical conditions. If you are in need of a more natural alternative medicine, speak with your doctor about using a high-quality CBD product instead.

We really hope this article was as fun and informative as it was to write. We learned a few things ourselves in doing the research to bring it to you!

Give Blue Dream Kush a toke the quickest chance you get!

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