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Bubba Kush Strain: Benefits, Side Effects and More

Bubba Kush’s origin is believed to be Holland or California. It’s a popular type of marijuana strain that is used for medical purposes and sometimes entertainment. It has both THC and CBD compounds in different ratios and that’s why it’s the perfect remedy for a number of conditions. Generally, the effects of taking this Kush is described in five states: Hunger, sleepiness, relaxation, happiness, and euphoria. This article gives a comprehensive overview of bubba Kush with details of its growing information.

What is Bubba Kush?

OG Bubba Kush strain is one of the potent OG family members. It’s an Indica strain that provides a varied range of effects which include sleeplessness, an increase in appetite, muscle relaxation, happiness, among others. Bubba Kush TCH level ranges between 15 and 25 percent. Based on the amount of THC, this cannabis strain is highly-effective and has potent properties. It’s an Indica-dominant strain which has 30 percent sativa and 70 percent Indica. As much as this bubba Kush strain isn’t a pure Indica breed, it has wonderful and beneficial effects when it comes to relieving pain, nausea, stress, and insomnia.  The exact origins of this strain aren’t fully known but it is believed that its parents are Ghost OG and the Pre-98 strain of Bubba Kush.

Bubba Kush’s effects in the body can last for about two hours. Most people usually consume it as joints, thanks to its sweet flavor and tantalizing aroma. Note that this marijuana strain is mostly taken in the evening because it is very strong and has powerful sedative characteristics.

The Flavor & Appearance of Purple Bubba Weed

Some of the things that attract stoners and patients to this strain of marijuana are its grounding and sweet aroma. It has a subtle flavor of coffee and chocolate. Bubba Kush has a nutty, earthy, and a hashish-like taste that’s generally sweet. It engages the taste buds, providing an amazing pleasure. Bubba Kush strain has purple buds with some traces of the frosty-green color. It’s a well-grown type of marijuana strain which has leaves with deep purple and green color. The buds are usually surrounded by brightly colored orange or amber hair. Overall, bubba weed is aesthetically pleasing with a simple yet enticing twist of the marijuana plant.

Bubba Kush Strain Growing Info

bubba kush

Among the simplest and relatively easy types of marijuana strains to grow is Purple Bubba Kush. For those who are beginners and experimenting on how to grow a cannabis plant, this is a good option to use. If this strain is planted and maintained with care then it can produce a high-quality and strong bubba weed with potent characteristics? Growers should be aware that this Kush doesn’t take a large space because it has a very short height that ranges between two and for feet.

Perfect for Indoors

Its short height as well makes it perfect for an indoor type of growing. Although it can still produce great harvests when it’s grown outdoors, the climate changes will make its management difficult. This weed doesn’t need to much water though it’s highly resistant to bugs, pests, and molds.  You can grow it indoors under the light. The strain can easily fit in cabinets, closets, and cupboards. When growing this ganja indoors, use a hydroponics system or the sea of the green technique which promotes faster flowering.


Bubba Kush is regarded as a low-maintenance strain that can survive in a lot of spaces. However, being a low-maintenance marijuana strain does not mean that it doesn’t need care. This plant has to be pruned before it flowers to allow maximum light to reach the buds and to produce high-quality Kush.

Temperature, Humidity, and the Growing Period

This ganja strain requires a consistent temperature that ranges between 70 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes between 8-9 weeks for them to flower and the harvesting season is usually in early October and sometimes late September.  Bubba Kush yields about 35g of ganja per square foot and its flower quality are regarded as top-shelf. It has dense buds which have trichomes. The high amounts of the sticky –trichomes makes this weed perfect for curing and also direct sales. Besides that, they are commonly used in industrial hash production and other types of concentrates.

Mature buds should be cured by hanging them in an upside down position. This should be in a room that has an average of 50 percent humidity and it should last for about seven days. In addition to that, the temperature should be maintained at 70 degrees.

The Effects of Taking Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a strong type of weed and users are usually advised against taking it if they have a list of activities to engage in. it’s the perfect ganja for relaxation and entertainment. You can take it for leisure or while hanging out with friends. Before you begin taking this Kush, ensure that you are not hungry and that you have a few snacks to munch on during your puffing session. It increases appetite and hunger pangs. Its sweet aroma perfectly engages with the taste buds, resulting in food cravings.

It promotes relaxation. Smoking this Kush provides an amazing and refreshing sensation all over the body. It makes the entire body to melt and the user ends up feeling warmly hugged which result in a long-lasting cerebral-enjoyment, happiness, and relaxation. It’s the ideal recipe for those suffering from insomnia and persistent bouts of sleeplessness.

Greatness of Bubba Kush

What makes Bubba Kush great is its thought-provoking characteristics, it not only makes your mind clear but also improves concentration. If you are in for an introspective or creative time, then you should have a few puffs of this Kush. If you need a positive diversion of your thoughts from a stressful day, this strain acts on your emotions as well as your physical being, leading to an overall feeling of happiness.

It’s an excellent choice for easing the symptoms of anxiety. Its calming effects means that it creates an amazing space where your brain n is focused on good vibes only. Its mellowness and buoyancy help to soothe the nerves. If you have digestive problems, pain or the feeling of nausea, this all-natural remedy provides relief against these conditions.

Potential Side Effects of Using Bubba Kush

Taking large amounts of Bubba Kush or taking it early in the day can cause harmful side effects. Additionally, if you are a new user, it’s advisable that you start taking this marijuana strain in smaller doses. This will help the body to adapt to cannabis before you can gradually increase your dose. This is a potent type of Indica that can make you sleepy. It has sedative properties, the main reason it’s used to treat conditions such as insomnia and pain. If you have an engaging day, this isn’t your daily go-to ganja. You simply have to wait until you finish all your businesses.

Those people who use this strain to treat stress, depression, or anxiety should be very cautious. Just like most types of cannabis strains which have high levels of THC, this OG Kush can cause a heightened feeling of anxiousness, stress, as well as paranoia. If you are dealing with any mental disease, simply take the recommended doses and ensure that you are aware of your limits. Note that it’s very important for patients with mental diseases to first consult with their doctors before taking this marijuana strain

Physical Effects

A common problem that all types of marijuana strains cause is dehydration. Bubo Kush can make your eyes to go dry and others often end up with cotton mouth i.e. the dry mouth condition. If you are planning to smoke this weed, ensure that you are well hydrated. Take water before you puff this Kush, while you are taking it as well as after you have finished to avoid the cottonmouth conditions. If you end up with dry eyes, there are various types of eye drops which can be used to moisturize your eyes.

Final Thoughts

This marijuana strain is perfect for all types of conditions. It has the capability to provide soothing effects and alleviating pain. The weed Kush is used with chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Cancer because the high CBD content helps to relieve the symptoms of these diseases. It’s also the perfect remedy for mental diseases although it should be used with a lot of caution. Although Bubba Kush doesn’t promise to heal all these medical conditions, it makes it easier for patients to handle these serious conditions. It’s the go-to strain for most people who want a relaxed evening indoors. Overall, smoking the purple bubba weed gives you a deeply satisfying and soothing effect. All you need is a few joints and you are set for an amazing puffing session.

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