Can You Take CBD While On Antibiotics?

Many people tend to think that that the use of CBD products is unethical. What most of us forget about is that the legalization of marijuana in some countries have enabled researchers to evaluate the medical importance of marijuana.  For one reason or the other, many people tend to confuse CBD products and antibiotics. It normally becomes very difficult for them to choose the appropriate to use. Let’s try to solve those confusions today.

What are Antibiotics?

Every time you feel sick and you run to the hospital, a doctor will prescribe some medication for you. amongst these medications, you will find antibiotics.  There are various types of bacteria in the universe and each of them can affect your life. So, when you are given antibiotics, they are means to treat most of the infections that are caused by bacteria. If it is a situation that can’t be treated, it will help to prevent the spread of the virus in the body.

CBD’S Antibacterial Properties

cannabidiol is one of the most important Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. There is research that has been conducted to verify its antibacterial properties. So many infections caused by bacteria can be treated by CBD. On research that was published in 2007 by the UK and Italy scientists, CBD showed its effectiveness as it was able to kill Methicillin Resistant-Staphylococcus Aureus. Many people know this as bacterial MRSA. Compared to other health supplements CBD is considered as more than just an antibiotic because it can even kill the bacteria that do not respond to other antibiotics. CBD does not only help in treating bacterial infections but also helps treat conditions such as pain relief, improves sleep, epilepsy, and many more. This is a good reason to use them as you will greatly benefit

Can CBD and Antibiotics Be Taken Together?

Before you ask yourself that question, it’s important that you know how CBD functions in your body. You also need to know the role of antibiotics in the body. There have been cases where people doctors advice you not to take some drugs because they may affect the function of the prescription drugs. Typically, every drug I manet to stay in your system for a given duration of time so when you combine them, there may be some complication.

So, let get to the mystery behind the CBD. The body is made up if the endocannabinoid system which helps to control any activity that takes place in your body. Do not forget that even the enzymes that are supposed to metabolize the antibiotics can also be controlled by the ECS. So, when you take the CBD, your body is likely to react differently as it will try to speed up the rate of metabolism. To some extent, it may help you out. But here is what you need to know.CBD Antibiotics

CYTOCHROME P450 is a very important enzyme available in the liver and it’s the one that enhances the materialism of pharmaceutical drugs. However, when you take antibiotics together with the CBD, the enzymes will turn to CBD. It ensures that the CBD is metabolized fast before it can proceed to antibiotics. Now imagine if the antibiotics were to stay in your system for 2 hours, will you get its effect after those hours?

Okay, there are no problems in taking both antibiotics and CBD together, but the truth is that you may be overworking your liver which can cause some side effects.

The Importance of Consulting a Medical Professional

One of the common mistake people make is to use both drugs hoping to get a better result. You should be aware that there may be terrible consequences. Everybody has a unique system and the body may not work like that of a friend. So, when you see your friend using both CBD and antibiotics, don’t think you are safe when you try it too. There is a good reason to remember that doctors signed an oath to save lives. So, there is no way they will let you take too much dose when they can help you.

If you want to live a healthy life, always make an effort to talk to your doctor, they can always determine your rate of metabolism among other factors that may increase or slow down the rate of drug metabolism. They can give you advice on the dosage you may need to use to avoid overdose or underdose.

Is CBD Safe to consume while on antibiotics?

There are those who use CBD for health purposes while others use it for leisure, well, this makes a big difference. If you are addicted to using CBD, you may not hold even if you undergoing treatment.  So, can you smoke weed on antibiotics?  You have the decision to make today, either you want to destroy your life, or you want to improve it. So, if you are after making things better, then try as much as you can to avoid CBD when you are using antibiotics.

It’s typically difficult to understand why someone would use CBD and antibiotics at the same time. Antibiotics help to kill bacteria, and so is CBD, using all of them at go can cause a terrible reaction in your system. Antibiotics may overstay in your system which can cause side effects such as nausea, tiredness, vomiting and even drowsiness. For your safety, do not use Marijuana and antibiotics together

Finale words

Does marijuana affect antibiotics? Well, let’s hope you have got enough information that can help you answer that question. One of the importance of CBD is that they are readily available and can be administered even at home, which makes them widely used. But if you want to rely on o antibiotics, well, you have nothing to fear, they are all good and could give you the same effects as you would gain from the CBD products.

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