CBD Dosage

CBD Dosage: A Proper Guide for You

CBD is gaining popularity worldwide for its many potential benefits. You likely know someone or many people who use this dietary supplement for one reason or another. And if you’re here reading this, then you are probably considering it, too.

People are supplementing with this oil for a variety of reasons. Some use it for insomnia to help get better sleep and more of it. Some use CBD for pain and inflammation. Others use it for anxiety and depression. Whatever your reason may be, it’s worth taking the time to research and ask the right questions.

One common question asked by those interested in using CBD is; what is my ideal CBD dosage? Digging even further, are there different doses for different uses? What is the ideal CBD dosage for pain? What is the best CBD dosage for anxiety? How about the CBD dosage for inflammation?

If you’re curious to learn more about CBD oil dosage, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will learn about recommended doses, as well as other factors to consider when finding the right dose for you. But first, let’s get a quick overview of just what this amazing supplement is and some of the most notable CBD benefits for humans…

Overview of CBD

First things first, CBD does come from the cannabis plant. However, it is most often extracted from hemp instead of marijuana. Hemp is one type of cannabis that is more often used industrially for a variety of purposes. It can be used to make paper or cloth, lotions and conditioners, oils, and more. Hemp is very high in CBD and very low in THC.

CBD is not THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana that gets you “high.” CBD, on the other hand, does not induce the euphoric, “high” feeling that the THC in marijuana does. It does, however, have a variety of potential benefits for humans. Let’s cover some of the most well known CBD oil benefits…

CBD Health Benefits

CBD oil can be taken orally or can even be used topically for a variety of conditions. Users often report fast-acting results with minimal side effects. CBD oil is believed to help ease uncomfortable symptoms associated with the following conditions:

  • Pain and other inflammation-related conditions
  • Insomnia and other sleep-related conditions
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders
  • Appetite issues (particularly lack of appetite)
  • Memory loss due to Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Seizures from epilepsy
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and other digestive issues
  • High-stress levels not associated with anxiety/depression
  • Immune conditions
  • Uncomfortable symptoms and/or side effects of medical treatments/drugs
  • Cardiovascular conditions

That’s a lot of potential uses for a supplement that is found over the counter and that comes with little to no side effects! It’s no wonder so many people are using CBD – and many are using it in place of other medications that come along with a whole slew of unwanted side effects.

Of course, you should talk with your doctor before you start using CBD oil as a supplement – especially if you are interested in replacing a medication with it. Please don’t ever try to diagnose and treat a condition at home on your own. It’s just not worth it.

CBD Dosage

Now let’s get into the reason you’re here: CBD dosage. A typical CBD oil dosage is administered sublingually. This simply means that it is placed under the tongue. Most companies package their product with a dropper so that you can dose by the number of drops. But just how much actual oil is in this CBD dosage?

CBD Dosage

The average CBD dosage can range from 10 mg to 40 mg. That’s a pretty wide gap there. While the side effects of CBD are mild, it can cause some drowsiness, increase in appetite, diarrhea, and other mild side effects if too much is taken. So, how do you know what dose is right for you? Well, there is a great method that you can use to work your way up to the recommended dose without feeling too many side effects. Let’s break it down:

First, find the recommended CBD oil and create a dosage plan for that specific product. The dosage will likely be 20 to 40 mg of cbd every day, make a plan to start small and work your way up, taking note of the intended effects you are feeling, as well as the side effects.

As you increase your dose, if you are getting too drowsy or notice any other side effects, then you know you have reached the maximum dose for yourself. Alternatively, if you reach the recommended CBD dosage with no unwanted side effects, then you know you can stick with that amount.

Please note that some people choose to take an even larger amount, especially when considering factors like body weight and diet. These factors include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Your body weight
  • The condition which you are trying to address
  • Other factors that affect your body chemistry (like tolerance levels)
  • The concentration of your specific product

Considering all these factors, it’s easy to see why gradually increasing your CBD dosage is an ideal way to start. It would be tough to just know how much to take right off the bat. And you don’t want to take too much the first time and be put off from something that could potentially provide you with relief.

Now let’s discuss the CBD oil dosage for a few specific uses…

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

Many people who use a CBD dosage for anxiety will use a small amount at the beginning of the day, as to not become too drowsy. However, some may find they need to use more than others early on in the day. Some people with anxiety even prefer the slightly drowsy feeling, especially compared to the nervous and anxious feelings that can come along with anxiety disorders.

If you suffer from anxiety or any other mood disorder, then you should consult your doctor or psychiatrist for any and all medications, supplements, treatments, etc that you are interested in trying or using. Your mental health is important and should be treated only by a doctor with a medical license.

CBD Dosage for Cancer

A CBD dosage for cancer would actually be used not for actual cancer, but for the unwanted side effects of the cancer treatments. Many people report relief from the uncomfortable side effects of their chemo drugs. However, CBD is not a treatment for cancer. You should be getting all of your medical treatment and advice from medical professionals if you have cancer or if you think you may have it.

CBD Dosage for Pain

Using CBD oil for pain can differ from use for other conditions. One huge factor in this is the production of CBD oil topical products like CBD pain creams and CBD ointments. Some even use a combination of oral and topical CBD for pain. If you have any kind of pain condition, please talk with your doctor about your options and the right CBD dosage for pain for your needs.

CBD Dosage for Inflammation

The CBD dosage for inflammation is similar to that of the CBD oil dosage for pain. You do have the option of using either oral or topical… or even both if that delivers the desired results.

If you are experiencing inflammation of any kind and want to use CBD, then talk with your doctor about your options with oral supplementation and topical CBD products. Pain and inflammation can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition. Make sure that you are smart about putting your health and safety first.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

Most CBD products for dogs will come with dosing instructions for your use. However, it’s not a bad idea to utilize the same method you would use on yourself and start small to work your way up. Monitor your dog’s symptoms and any other potential side effects. They may require a smaller dose.

One of the most important things you can do, though, is to discuss this decision with your dog’s veterinarian. They will be able to provide the right info and advice when using any CBD dosage for dogs.

Safety and Side Effects

While the side effects of CBD are usually mild, you should monitor these and discuss them with your doctor. If you find that any of them are too uncomfortable for you, then you may simply require a smaller dose. However, some people might be very sensitive to them and may need to discontinue the use of CBD oil.

CBD side effects are few and mild, however. Most people report no unwanted side effects. Potential side effects include (but are not limited to):

  • Drowsiness and/or fatigue
  • Increase in appetite and/or weight
  • Diarrhea

If drowsiness is making it difficult for you to take CBD, then try using the supplement at night only. Many people report success with this method for a variety of uses. You should also be cautious about using CBD with other antibiotics. Lastly, the effects of CBD oil can be long-lasting, especially when used regularly.

Final Thoughts

Now you know a lot more about CBD oil dosage and how to go about figuring this out for you, your loved ones, and even your pets. Again, if you are interested in using CBD and finding the right CBD dosage for you, talking to your doctor is the best place to start. Good luck!

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