CBD Oil for Anxiety: Best CBD Oils in Treating Anxiety

CBD Oil for Anxiety

Over the last couple of years, the use of CBD oil has become the best option for disorders such as anxiety. Although there are some people who use CBD Oil for fun and pleasure, others use to for medical conditions such as anxiety. With the legalization of medical marijuana in all states, the use of CBD oil for various medical treatments is on the rise.  There are numerous brands which are selling tinctures, capsules, pills, and edibles to treat anxiety. So how is this compound effective in treating this disorder? Outlined below is a detailed review of CBD and anxiety.

What’s Anxiety?

It’s a condition that involves emotional changes. It’s a feeling of uneasiness, worry, and nervousness. Everyone gets anxious from time to time and this is normal. However, anxiety disorder is something very serious and it can be very difficult for the person who’s affected to have a normal life. It’s an umbrella of psychological and physiological disorders. Generally, anxiety can be categorized as:

  • Panic disorder: Where you suffer from unexpected panic attacks that are associated with sweat and chest pains.
  • Social anxiety: It’s a condition where a person gets apprehensive or scared when they are in a social place.
  • General anxiety: It’s a disorder that’s characterized by consistent worry every day.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Conventional Treatment

The common symptoms of anxiety include panic attacks, nausea, dry mouth, tense muscles, sweaty-cold outbreaks and insomnia etc. This condition can occur at any age. Conventional treatments for anxiety are usually medication and therapy such as Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, exposure therapy among others. Besides those, anxiety can be managed by getting enough rest, regularly exercising, and having a healthy diet.

Anxiety Statistics

One medical condition that is usually misdiagnosed and hard to treat is anxiety. Statistics indicate that almost 20 percent of adults in the US are affected by this disorder annually. Overall, research reports show that over 30 percent of adults in America usually experience this disorder at some point. Although there are various treatments that have been formulated to treat this condition, a good number of them aren’t effective. Most of them have harmful side effects that can even lead to suicide.

CBD and Anxiety

In the last couple of years, the use of CBD oil has increased. It’s widely used for medical purposes at the moment including anxiety treatment.  CBD for anxiety research is something that’s ongoing as its intriguing benefits have proved to be effective.

So how does CBD Oil treat anxiety? First, it contains anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties.  Note that anxiety is sometimes caused by certain medical conditions. Its anti-inflammatory compounds provide a soothing effect that eventually produces a positive impact on anxiety. Secondly, CBD is natural anxiety calmer i.e. anxiolytic. This means that is highly effective when it comes to treating or reducing the symptoms of social anxiety. This compound directly combats anxiety without causing physical harm. It affects the abnormal functioning of the brain, by enhancing the functions of the prefrontal cortex and reducing the activities of the amygdala. Note that these are the two sections of the brain which are directly involved with anxiety. Besides those, evidence suggests that this compound helps to improve the generation of new neurons. CBD oil activates the CB1 receptors, which help to balance glutamate and GABA levels thereby reducing anxiety.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

There is no regulatory body for CBD-based products. This means that there is no official dosage of CBD for anxiety. If you want to know how much CBD oil for anxiety is recommended, consult with your healthcare provider or physician first. CBD Oil has not been approved by the FDA hence any professional information that you receive is vital.

Factors to Consider When Using CBD Oil

  • If you are just starting out, start by using small doses. Whether the CBD oil is extracted from hemp or it is in a pure form, using small doses at the beginning will help you to avoid side effects.
  • Ensure that you remain consistent with the dose. Even after you have started off small, do not start using higher doses at once. It’s important for your body to get accustomed to this compound. This means that you should gradually increase the dose over time.
  • Do not discontinue the use of this compound after a few days. Some people might not see results after a few days of using this product. The use of CBD oil for anxiety usually takes a couple of weeks for users to begin seeing any tangible results.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing CBD for Anxiety

There are multiple brands in the market hence its vital that you understand your own needs before making purchases. You need to spend your money on a high-quality product that is also effective. If you are suffering from chronic anxiety, first consult with your healthcare provider. Generally, if you want to buy CBD oil for anxiety, some of the things that you should consider include:

  • Are you suffering from stress or have an anxiety disorder?
  • The amount of CBD oil that you will need
  • Where will you be using the CBD Oil?
  • The legality of using CBD Oil in your state
  • Your budget

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

Once you understand the factors to consider when using CBD and before buying the product, you can go ahead and search for the product that will suit your needs. It’s important to know that when you are buying a cannabidiol-based product for anxiety, it shouldn’t have high levels of THC. THC is a psychoactive compound that can easily amplify the symptoms of anxiety hence it should be avoided at all costs. With the availability of a wide range of CBD oil for anxiety products on the market, below are some of the best products that you can choose from.

Green Roads World

This brand usually personalizes its CBD products to treat various medical conditions. Green Roads World’s anxiety products are designed and formulated with well-trained scientists and doctors in addition to a group of medical experts. The handcrafted CBD product is made with a high-quality hemp extract. Green Road’s CBD products are lab-tested and they contain almost 99 percent of pure CBD.

Pure Kana

Pure Kana understands the need for having a natural and effective product when it comes to treating anxiety. Its CBD oil is uniquely designed to facilitate the treatment of anxiety. They come in unflavored, mint, and vanilla flavors. It’s natural and pure CBD oil helps to enhance the vitality of the user. It contains compounds that support relaxation and provides a quick, soothing effect. All PureKana’s CBD for anxiety products has been lab-tested to ensure that they have high levels of potency and safety


This brand has been the market for decades i.e. since 1991. Their anxiety products are derived from the industrial hemp oil and they have numerous dispensaries all over the world that offer the same. Elixinol CBD oil is available as edibles, capsules, or tinctures. They provide a quick and long-lasting calming effect after an onset of anxiety.

CBD Essence

This company understands the importance of hemp oil extract for anxiety treatment. This brand’s proprietor has been in the pharmaceutical business for long and extensively understands CBD and anxiety. Essence’s products are obtained using CO2, a safer and highly effective method of extracting CBD Oil.  The lab-tested CBD Essence products are contaminant and metal-free.

CBD Pure

This brand sells a wide variety of CBD sprays and oils. CBD Pure is an e-commerce outlet that has authority when it comes to formulating CBD oils for anxiety. They have experts in the medical field who not only provide guidance but also instructions on how to use the CBD oils. CBD Pure anxiety products are lab-tested and sold at cost-friendly prices.

Final Thoughts

Note that it is still not very clear to determine the role of CBD when it comes to treating anxiety. However, the multiple ongoing research about the use of CBD for various medical issues will soon provide the clinical proof that’s needed.

Overall, the use of CBD-based products is currently termed as the next big thing. Treating anxiety isn’t easy because even the process of diagnosis is complex. As much as the conventional methods of treatment are good, they mostly offer temporary solutions. Besides that, the medications which are offered usually cause harmful side effects. CBD oil offers an excellent alternative that is purely organic and safe. Additionally, its benefits usually last for a long period of time. CBD Oil for anxiety can be purchased from various retail outlets online and from verified dispensaries. Note that if you are suffering from anxiety and want to use CBD Oil regimen, first consult with your doctor. Besides that, it’s important to research on the legality of CBD products in your state.



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