CBD Cream: Benefits of CBD Topical Creams for Pain

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the active ingredients in cannabis. It is derived directly from hemp and will not make you get high. CBD is legal in all 50 states in America, although various restrictions have been put in place by each state.

CBD is used to treat chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis. It also helps people who suffer from anxiety disorders. CBD has been proven to be effective in treating childhood epilepsy syndromes like Dravet syndrome, which cannot be treated by using other epilepsy medications.

What is CBD Cream?

CBD cream is a topical treatment which is often used for conditions like osteoarthritis, neck muscle tension and shoulder pain. The cream is infused with cannabidiol which is derived from marijuana or its cousin, hemp. Usually, cannabis flowers are infused in an oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, and this extracts the active ingredient, CBD. Cannabinoid receptors are found right throughout the body, and researchers have even found that receptors are located in the skin.

Several rheumatic diseases can cause unbearable joint pain, and CBD cream can bring immense relief to patients who are suffering with these conditions. Steroid injections can be used if the pain in your joint is really interfering with your life. Several people avoid that solution because of the side effects of steroids. A CBD pain relief cream works quickly, it is always effective and it is less invasive than using an injection.

Best CBD Topicals – Reviewed


Fab CBD is a leading producer of CBD chews, topical ointments, and pure CBD oil. Their CBD pain relief cream has quickly become popular due to its effectiveness, and highly sought after by people who want an effective natural remedy for relieving muscle tension. Fab CBD cream is an affordable option but that does not affect its quality, and it is always in demand.

Fab CBD cream is made using a combination of oils. In addition to CBD oil, you benefit from coconut and aloe vera. Both of these are known to help improve skin health, and aloe vera naturally soothes the effect of sunburn. Vitamin E is included as well, to help heal damage from environmental toxins.

The plants are cultivated in Colorado, using organic methods. If you are careful about the type of ointments you use, because you want to avoid toxins from pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, this is a good option. The cannabidiol is taken out of each plant by using CO2 extraction, so you always get the best oil.

The cream that you use is regularly tested to ensure that you benefit from approved levels of CBD. In addition to tests done in their own labs, Fab has tests conducted by a third party every quarter. Their CBD cream has a relaxing fragrance, which is produced by ingredients like chamomile and cinnamon, so it refreshes you whenever you apply it to painful muscles or joints.


  • Fab CBD works quickly
  • It has a pleasing scent
  • It is quickly absorbed by your skin
  • External testing is used
  • This cream is affordable


  • Fab CBD cream is sometimes out of stock

CBD Distillery

CBD Distillery provides lots of interesting products in addition to creams. Their plants are grown organically, in an environment which is as free of toxins as possible. They offer a discount to members of the military who use their CBD oil, and usually have a reliable product.

The scent of this salve is pleasant. The company uses natural farming practices and is certified as a producer of non GMO hemp oil. They have a third party lab come in and conduct lab tests regularly to ensure that their products are safe and free of residual compounds.

CBD Distillery uses several ingredients in their salve, and some of these may not be safe to use with certain medications. This is a quality product and can help you to experience relief from pain when used as directed. Customers can save money by signing up to get 5% off their purchase.


  • CBD Distillery plants in areas that are free of contaminants
  • Their product is affordable
  • They offer cannabidiol isolate


  • CBD Distillery is not transparent about their extraction process.

Green Roads

Green Roads is a reputable company that is known for including products for vaping in their selection. They offer products in a range of concentrations to meet your needs. If you are a beginner, you will have your needs met and if you have intense pain and need stronger relief, they gave a different concentration available for you.

Green Roads provides a lotion for pain. Their soothing topical cream it is designed to help you with both muscle and joint pain by easing inflammation. The convenient pump design of the bottle makes it easy to dispense a small amount, rub it in, and enjoy relief.

Green Roads offers 10% off their CBD cream for the pain to all new customers. The cream is free of parabens and is not tested on animals. It can be used every 4 to 6 hours.

Green Roads is one of the companies that believe in transparency, and their lab results are available for patients to see. They ensure that THC in their products is kept below the acceptable limit, so you can enjoy pain relief at work or elsewhere.


  • Green Roads CBD cream is free of parabens
  • It is ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • The container has a pump


  • Sometimes delivery takes a while


Populum sells a variety of products containing full-spectrum CBD oil. Their topicals also contain full-spectrum oils. They offer a 30- day risk-free trial, so it is easy to find out if their CBD cream helps with your health condition.

This premium brand offers creams made with oils from plants that are grown in the United States. They have a good return policy and their products are know to help produce more restful sleep. Their muscle rub is used by clients who have soreness in their legs after hours at work, and these clients have reported that ti is highly effective. If you frequently suffer from pain that makes it difficult to sleep at night, you can give their CBD oil and cream a try.

Populum will deliver their CBD cream to you at no extra cost. Their free trial makes this company one to check out, if you need a topical treatment for any area of your body.

Populum does an analysis for each batch of CBD cream that they produce. The results are attached to the package that is shipped to you, so you know exactly what is inside it before you put it on your skin.


  • Populum has a monthly subscription plan
  • They rewards regular customers with a discount
  • They use natural ingredients


  • No guarantee that creams have 0% THC


Endoca grows their plants on land that is certified organic. This allows patients to use their creams with confidence, knowing that they are free from pesticides. If you support sustainable practices, you will be glad to know that their processes are fueled by waste from the restaurant industry, and a lot of their equipment is handmade.

Endoca produces a full-spectrum oil, which means that you benefit from a wide range of flavonoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds. All of their oils are produced to meet strict pharmaceutical regulations. Their high quality is preserved by producing their oils without heating.

Their oils are among the strongest on the CBD market and contain CBDa, a vital ingredient which is sometimes removed by other brands during the extraction process. Unlike several other providers who have special discounts for military veterans or people in other groups, they do not have an assistance program.

Their plants are grown organically, with the entire process being controlled so that each balm you use on your skin is 100% natural. Their products offer instant relief and also come in a stick form which makes it easy for you to travel with the items you need for relief.


  • Good customer care


  • No assistance program in place

Select CBD

Select CBD is the winner of an industry award. Many experienced patients will appreciate the strength of these products but they may actually be a little too strong for some beginners. All of their CBD oil is extracted from hemp grown on farms in Oregon. They have made an effort to make their products readily available to those who need them.

Select CBD tries to make it easy for qualified patients to obtain topical treatments. You may even find a cream to help you at your local grocery provider. Their CBD oil is obtained via a CO2 extraction process, which ensures that you always get a high-quality product.

Their CBD muscle rub can be used to alleviate tension and soreness in your legs and shoulders after a busy day. The cream comes in a convenient tube, which makes it easy to dispense the exact amount that you need. They have a good program for customers, which gives you two free items whenever you buy four.


  • Products are widely available
  • Buy 4, get two program


  • Products are very strong


Elixinol has a Sativa skincare line, which includes a hemp moisturizer and hemp serum. Their topical products do not contain harmful ingredients like parabens. The relaxing scent of Elixinol CBD cream is derived from natural ingredients like Neroli. They have a good return policy, so if you do not think that the balm is effective, you can let them know.

These products cost a little more than several other brands of CBD cream. Their creams contain a lot of ingredients, like rosehip, rosemary and green tea. While this is done to provide patients with more beneficial ingredients, manufacturers of any type of CBD cream for pain should bear in mind that some patients are allergic to certain ingredients. Perhaps they could offer a cream that only has CBD oil, so patients can experience the benefits without worrying that an additional ingredient will exacerbate another health condition.

Their balm is designed with hemp from Europe and elsewhere. This is a significant plus, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without any potential side effects from THC. You can dispense the amount you need by squeezing it from a compact tube.


  • Relaxing scent


  • Products are expensive
  • Some ingredients may cause allergies

Ananda CBD

Ananda CBD uses ethanol in their extraction process and their CBD cream contains a full spectrum CBD oil. They are very clear about the concentration of their product, which with a serving size of 5 mg per ml, can readily be used by beginners.

Their carrier oil is coconut oil, which should make the cream safe for most people. Their CBD oil is extracted from hemp grown in Kentucky, so you support local farmers with every purchase. Their CBD topical cream is tested by Steep Hill. Their excellent CBD cream reviews are partially due to the fact that they also do third party testing, which is provided by Verified Life Cycle. The ingredients include Shea butter and cocoa butter. While these are good  for the skin, they must be avoided by people with certain health conditions. Their CBD cream for pain does not contain residual solvents, and is free of pesticides. You also do not run the risk of being affected by heavy metals when you use their topical treatment. Their CBD cream contains ginger, which helps to balance the cooling effect of the eucalyptus that is found in this cream. Regular product testing helps to make this a good option.


  • Regular testing
  • Pesticide free
  • No residual solvents


  • Some ingredients may trigger allergic reactions

Buying Guide – How to Shop for CBD Topicals

People who are looking for a CBD topical cream are sometimes in a lot of pain, and they want relief as quickly as possible. Despite that, you should be cautious when shopping for CBD topicals, so you get a quality cream that works. You want to ensure that the cream is strong enough for your needs and free of any harmful toxins, such as heavy metals.

Most responsible companies will tell you where their plants are grown, because this directly impacts the quality of CBD oil that you receive.. They also take precautions to ensure that their plants do not absorb any toxins which are sometimes present in the soil. Always select topical products made by companies that have this type of information available.

Check that the topical you are interested in does not contain high levels of THC. Cannabidiol is the active ingredient you are looking for. This should be present in strong enough concentrations to help you with relieving pain.

What Are CBD Topicals and How Do They Work?

CBD Topicals are salves, creams, gels or sprays that contain CBD oil. These are applied to the skin for treatment. They work by decreasing inflammation and slowing down or stopping nerve damage, and that decreases pain. Researchers are working to learn more about this process.

How Are Topicals Similar or Different from Other CBD Products?

CBD Topicals are different from other CBD products in the way that each one is used. While several CBD products can be vaped, swallowed as capsules or consumed in beverages, these must be applied directly to painful joints or muscles to alleviate pain. They usually do not contain a lot of THC, if any.

Are CBD Topicals Safe?

As with any medication, CBD products should be handled with care. Do not use a CBD topical internally, since none of them are designed for internal use. They should only be rubbed on the skin. Follow the dosage described on the label.

Some people may experience mild side effects after using a CBD topical. These include diarrhea, fatigue, changes in weight and changes in appetite. You should always pay attention to any changes that occur after you apply a CBD cream. If you have liver problems, use CBD creams with caution, since there are concerns that cannabidiol can cause an increase in liver toxicity.

How to Apply CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are easy to apply to any affected area. This is one reason why so many people like to use them. Most come in a tube or with a pump, making it easy to dispense the correct amount for your needs. If you suffer from arthritis pain in your hands, make sure you choose a container that does not put pressure on inflamed joints.

Start by rubbing a small amount on the area that is affected. It is good to apply a small amount to an area of skin, and wait for 24 hours to see if you have an adverse reaction to any of the other ingredients in the cream. If you do not have any allergic reactions, use a larger amount when it is needed.


CBD is a great option for people who need a reliable method of pain relief. Its benefits are supported by current research and work is ongoing to discover more about this miraculous product. While there are several good providers of CBD cream, Fab CBD leads the way due to its transparency, affordability and proven extraction method, which ensures that the oil you get is always of high quality.

Fab CBD cream just contains a few extra ingredients to help heal dry or rough skin, so it is unlikely to trigger any allergies. Their rigorous quality assessment process protects you from contaminants, so you can always use their fragrant cream with confidence.

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