CBD Cream: Benefits of CBD Topical Creams for Pain

CBD Cream

Cannabidiol Oil is used to formulate CBD-based creams. These creams are used to relieve pain that’s associated with various chronic diseases. CBD Creams are made using all-natural ingredients and extracts from full-spectrum hemp that’s rich in cannabinoids and phytonutrients. To understand what role CBD plays in providing pain relief, this article gives an overview of CBD Cream for Pain.

What is CBD Cream?

It’s a cream that’s blended with CBD oil that’s obtained from cannabis. CBD Cream comprises multiple ingredients which are combined to produce a powerful product which can provide pain relief. Apart from cannabinoids, most creams contain Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Coconut Water, Citric Acid, and Coconut oil among others.

Difference between CBD Cream and CBD Oil

It’s obvious that these two products use CBD as their base ingredient. However, they are not the same and they have different mechanisms of action. While the CBD oil is normally taken orally, the cream is only applied on the skin. This means the oil gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream while the cream doesn’t go deeper into from the skin surface.

When it comes to alleviating pain, these two products have different response times. It might take hours before the CBD Oil’s effect can be experienced. This is because they have to go through the digestive system before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. However, CBD Cream have a faster response time. They don’t provide relief for the whole body because their response is localized. The reason they are usually called topicals is that they are absorbed by the skin’s top layer. This means that it provides a faster pain relief in the targeted area.

Compared to other forms of CBD, creams are safe. In case of an overdose, the first side effects that you will experience are usually external i.e. change in skin color, irritation etc. you can easily combat the effect of an overdose by washing the skin. Additionally, you do not risk contracting inflammatory diseases that are related to smoking CBD.

Benefits of Using the CBD Cream for Pain

It’s been clinically established that CBD has a lot of health benefits and one of them is alleviating pain. CBD is a compound that generally provides pain relief. If you need something to reduce the crippling pain that’s caused by arthritis, to soothe a painful sunburn, to massage your body and to ease joint or muscle pains then the CBD topical cream should be your go-to option. There is CBD for arthritis cream, for muscle soreness etc.

There are also other types of pain that are caused by diseases such as cancer. The CBD compound that is used to formulate this cream provides a localized pain relief. This works better than orally taking a CBD product. The creams provide a localized effect by immediately working on the affected area. It combines with CB2 receptors which are found on the skin. Note that applying a CBD cream doesn’t provide pain relief for the whole body since the ingredients that are in the cream can’t be absorbed into the bloodstream. You can rub it on joints to provide a quick and long-lasting relief in the affected area. The creams have anti-inflammatory benefits and provide a soothing sensation leading to improved mobility. Overall, CBD Cream for pain has analgesic, anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some of the ailments which can be cured by CBD topical cream include:

  • Joint pains such as sprains, joint injuries, muscle soreness, arthritis, and other types of mild injuries.
  • Skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, blisters, burns, fungal infections rashes, dry skin, and psoriasis.
  • Chronic pain
  • Multiple sclerosis and muscle spams
  • Faster and better healing of wounds, bruises, cuts, and scrapes
  • Sciatica or nerve pain
  • Migraines and earaches.

How CBD Cream Is Used

CBD Pain relief cream is a solution that should only be used externally. It should be applied on the affected area of the skin where it will be absorbed. In order to get the maximum benefits out of CBD Topical Cream, you need to first wash the part of the skin that’s affected. Use soap and a mild warm water to remove dirt build up and excess oil.

Note:  Removing the barrier between the skin and the CBD Cream helps to provide better absorption.  After you have applied the cream, leave it for a couple of minutes before you can cover the affected area with a bandage or a piece of cloth. Covering the skin is important because it helps to ensure that the applied CBD topical cream stays in place for long.  CBD Cream for pain can take up to 48 hours before you can experience relief but this depends on the severity of the pain. Note that aged adults and babies usually have a thin layer of skin hence a lot of caution should be exercised. CBD Cream should be used a maximum of three times in a day.

The Best CBD Topical Creams for Pain

Although there are various CBD creams for pain, it’s not difficult to rate some of the top-ranking products. These topical creams are not only effective but they also have great texture as well as scent. If you are looking for a CBD Cream for sale that can be used for massage, to treat a skin condition, or to ease the pain, below are the best creams on the market that are infused with CBD.

Fab CDB-Topical Cream

Fab’s CBD Topical cream is the perfect reliever for Muscle and Joint pains. It’s made with pure CBD hemp oil, Vitamin E, olive oil, cinnamon, the blood-orange essential oil, chamomile, Aloe Vera, and cocoa butter. The hemp oil is normally used with all these ingredients so as to heal joints and muscles. Besides that, this product has an amazing scent, with a silky and smooth texture. Compared to orally taking CBD products such as pills and tablets, this cream provides an instant pain relief because it’s directly absorbed by the skin.

CBD -Topical CBD Salve

This CBD Topical cream is a great pain reliever. It helps to reduce joint and muscle pains within just a few hours

CBD’s topical salve is made by infusing the CBD hemp oil into natural wax and fatty oils.  The wax and fatty oils are used as the base of creating this high-quality salve.  The salve can be used as CBD cream for arthritis pain to treat muscle soreness and also skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.  This topical salve is normally applied to the affected patch of skin and it provides instant relief.

Remedy’s CBD Blood-Orange Topical Lotion

This topical lotion by Remedy provides great relief for joint and muscle pains. The lotion is made with an organic CBD hemp oil and infused with an essential oil which has a blood-orange color. This CBD-based product contains multiple types of terpenes and cannabinoids.

The CBD Topical Lotion helps to provide quick pain relief for muscle pains and joint pains. When it’s applied on the skin, its potent properties help to provide immediate pain relief. The active ingredients that are found in this product include cannabidiol coconut oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter, chamomile, citric acid, cinnamon, and blood-orange oil.


It’s described as the cold therapy type of hemp rub. Peplum is an efficient pain reliever that’s used to ease pain from sore muscles and joints. It contains menthol which is an amazing pain reliever. Populum is a very light cream with a non-greasy texture.

It is made using an infusion of CBD Hemp oil extract, Chamomile L-Menthol, Emu Oil Aloe Vera, Water, and other ingredients. What makes this CBD-Based cream to feature among the top CBD Topical creams is that its benefits are fast and effective? Note that Populum contains menthol hence it should be applied on the skin sparingly initially.

Majestic Freshness

It’s a full-spectrum CBD hemp cream that used to treat muscle and joint pains. This balm has an oily and slippery feel and it’s perfect for rubbing on sprained ankles, sore muscles, and painful joints. It doesn’t leave a greasy-like texture. Majestic Freshness has a sweet smell that resembles that of rosemary and citrus. Its light and the perfect balm for body massages. The product is made using a combination of lemon balm, Full-spectrum and raw CBD Hemp oil, primrose oil, rosemary, lemon beeswax, shea butter, and frankincense among others.

Final Thoughts

Millions of people suffer from different types of pain globally. Although it may be temporary and mild for some people, others usually experience chronic pain. Some they have opted to use prescription painkillers to alleviate the side effects that the pain causes. While these drugs are good, their effect is usually temporary. Besides that, it’s possible to get addicted to these drugs because of overdependence. The result is that a person may end up with additional health problems.

One of the best and safe weapons for pain is the CBD topical cream. It’s made using the cannabidiol that’s extracted from marijuana. Research studies show that CBD cream for pain can help to alleviate acute pain and muscle or joint soreness. It’s a non-psychotic product that’s used externally which doesn’t have any side effects. Additionally, CBD cream isn’t addictive and in terms of effectiveness, it provides an instant pain relief.


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