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Chemdawg Strain: Effects, Benefits, User Guide, & More

Whether you need marijuana for recreational or medical reasons, there are various cannabis strains to consider using. If you are new to cannabis or an experienced user, you can get a strain ideal for you. However, if you need a marijuana variety with a powerful effect, Chemdawg strain is one of them. It offers hard-hitting smoking sessions and relieves several health conditions.

Nonetheless, like any other cannabis stain, it has side effects, which we will cover later in the article. We are also going to look at its origin, medical benefits, and growing practices. Continue reading to get these vital details before you make any purchasing or planting decisions.

What Is Chemdawg Strain And What’s Its Lineage?

Chemdawg, also known as Chem Dog, is a potent marijuana strain that hits you hard and takes effect fast. It provides a cerebral high and has moderate amounts of THC. Besides, it leaves users feeling euphoric and chatty while allowing them to do tasks that need their attention. However, Chem Dog forms part of other marijuana strains such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel and has a gassy smell that is simple to identify.

Mystery surrounds the lineage of Chemdawg. There is little to know about this strain. However, there are tales of this cannabis being born from two Colorado growers, a Grateful Dead Concert, seeds, and an East Coaster. P Bud and Joe Brand from Colorado were growing a cannabis strain they called ‘Dog bud’ and ‘Chem’ weed interchangeably, thus the name Chemdog. Dog bud because it made the smoker roll on the floor like a dog and ‘Chem’ Weed due to its chemical-diesel stench.

P and Joe followed the Grateful Dead-on tour. They sold some of their marijuana during one of the shows and became friends with an East Coaster. They later sent more of the cannabis to the friend who noticed Chemdawg seeds in the buds. He bred them to make a strain that complemented what the Colorado growers had created.

For some, Chemdog is believed to be from two sativa strains, Nepalese and Thai. Nonetheless, despite little information being available regarding this marijuana strain, the bottom line is that it provides an intense high for users and hits hard. There are a few types of Chemdawg. Some are Indica-dominant, while others have more sativa than Indica.

Chemdawg Strain Review: In Details

When you need a potent cannabis strain that leaves you wanting more, Chemdawg provides such as experience. It has a powerful stench that is also pleasant. The marijuana provides an energy rush in the brain that begins working instantly to provide relief.


Chemdog has a pungent, chemical, diesel-like stench with a spicy, sharp smell. If you have used the Sour Diesel strain, Chemdog has a similar smell. Beginners might find the scent to be overpowering, but with some getting used to, the strain smells great.


Chemdawg has a powerful herb, piney, earthy flavor that keeps your senses alert. The terpenes in this strain add to its strong taste. When you need a marijuana strain that hits your body differently, try Chemdog, and you will not be disappointed.


Chemdawg grows tall and has medium buds. It features green leaves with sticky trichomes that give the plant a nice silvery appearance. The orange pistils make this strain even more appealing and look attractive when indoors.

Chemdawg Strain: What Are The Effects And How It Feels

Common Usage

Depressed - 40/100
Anxiety - 80/100
Arthritis - 40/100
Pain - 60/100
Stress - 50/100

Typical Effects

Relaxed - 60/100
Hungry - 40/100
Social - 40/100
Happy - 40/100
Euphoric - 100/100

Chemdog causes several beneficial effects in the body. For example, it leads to a relaxing and euphoric experience. It makes you happy and chatty, so you can have long conversations. If you are having a movie night with your friends, Chemdawg will keep you awake through the night as you bond and have quality time together. The strain also offers an energy rush that allows you to some housework and other things instead of being in a completely sedative state.

If you are into art, it could improve your creativity and focus to some extent. Nonetheless, Chemdog causes you to be spacy. Few minutes of being high might feel like hours when you come back to yourself. It also causes a heavy-bodied feeling. Since Chemdog has both Indica and sativa, it provides a clear-headed high that supports creativity and a stony, heavy body that helps users relax and sleep.

Chemdawg Strain: What Are the Side Effects?

Besides causing disorientation, Chemdawg side effects also entail dry eyes and mouth. Make sure you stay hydrated. If you have a mental condition such as anxiety, be cautious. This marijuana strain can cause paranoia if used in excess quantities. It also causes nervousness. The hard-hitting high and strong flavors are not for the faint-hearted. Feeling dizzy could help with sleep, but dizziness can affect your efficiency when there is a lot to be done.

Chemdawg Strain: How to Grow

You can grow Chemdawg indoors and outdoors. Since the plant grows tall, exceeding 5feet, ensure you have adequate room if you choose the indoor growing method. Besides, Chemdog has a powerful stench that can attract attention.


Indoor Chemdawg growing allows you to regulate factors such as temperature to ensure the herb thrives to produce the yield you expect. The cannabis takes up many nutrients, so you have to provide enough. Indoor growing also protects your plants from mold and mildew.

Since it grows tall, it requires pruning and bending in the early vegetative stage to allow you to manage the height. Chemdog has a 9-10 weeks flowering period. Each square foot should give you a 65-75g yield. If you are worried about nosy neighbors, you need to adopt aroma control techniques to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.


If you grow Chemdog outdoors, flowering occurs in mid-October. This method is great, as you do not have to worry about the herb growing too tall or next-door neighbors complaining about the strong Chemdawg stench. However, you cannot control weather conditions, which is unlike growing cannabis indoors.

Medical Benefits of Chemdawg Strain

Chemdawg offers several medical benefits that support wellness. For instance, it keeps you euphoric and chatty, which makes it helpful when socializing. When you do not want to get bored during an informal gathering, Chemdog can help. It also alleviates anxiety if used correctly. It can give you the confidence you need to get through an event or an interaction. Anxiety can affect your personal and work life. It makes it difficult to focus and can ruin proper communication. This marijuana strain can assist you in keeping anxiety at bay.

If you have stress and depression, Chemdog can relieve the symptoms. One of its effects is energizing your body. Instead of feeling sad and negative, this strain uplifts your mood and enables you to feel great. Stop feeling sad, get off the couch, and do the tasks that need your input. Chemdawg can also help with PTSD, as it interacts with the brain.

With this marijuana strain, you also relax, which comes in handy in many situations. After a tough day at work or a long trip, you need to unwind, and Chemdawg can give you that. Its heavy-body feeling ensures you stay put and rest instead of worrying about other things that need your attention. The relaxation also supports sleep and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

If you are in pain, Chemdog could help. It has moderate leaves of THC, which has shown to be effective for pain than other cannabinoids. Whether it is arthritis pain, backaches, or pain due to cancer treatment, Chemdawg is worth trying. Pain is discomfort that affects other aspects of life, such as sleep and mobility. The strain can also ease migraines and nausea to improve your appetite and foster your general wellbeing.

The ‘high’ effect that Chemdawg provides relief in various forms. It helps your mind relax and forget about issues for a while. The cerebral effects can last for hours. A stoned mind prevents you from having racing or negative thoughts, which assists with anxiety and stress.

Chemdog might have side effects but they are not as harsh as the effects some medications cause. Pain relievers can be addictive. Anxiety and depression drugs have their share of side effects. When we look at Chemdog, it causes paranoia only if used in excess amounts. If you use the correct quantity, you have nothing to worry about. The dry eyes and mouth can be managed by having water and drinks at hand to keep your body hydrated. Besides, other marijuana strains also cause dry eyes.

When you weigh the benefits of Chemdawg against its side effects, it is worth trying. If other alternatives are not helping you feel better, consider using this strain for a change. It might be what you need to handle the pain you are feeling, anxiety, depression, or stress to live a healthier, happier life.

User Guide for Chemdawg Strain

You can use Chemdawg at midday or in the evening through vaping or smoking. If you have used Sour Diesel, Chemdog has a similar diesel stench. However, it is a powerful cannabis variety that suits experienced users. If you are new to this strain, you should be cautious. Start slow with a low amount to allow your body to get used to the Chemdog. You can increase the quantity gradually if need be. Otherwise, a high amount can overwhelm your body.

In case you have never used any marijuana strain, Chemdawg is not the variety to begin with. Remember, it is potent and produces an intense ‘high’ effect. Consider trying a less powerful strain that will be kind to your body. For users accustomed to powerful marijuana varieties, Chemdawg adds to the many strains you should try out if you have not used it already.

Nonetheless, if you have a health condition such as bipolar disorder or depression, speak to your doctor before using Chemdog. The last thing you need is worsening your symptoms or the strain affecting your medication’s effectiveness.

With a medical marijuana card, you can get Chemdawg and benefit from the positive effects it offers. If you are a patient with high tolerance to the cannabis high, this strain is great for you. However, marijuana is legal in many states for recreational and medical uses. Check the regulations of your area to be on the safe side.

Be careful when buying Chemdawg and ensure you spend money on high-grade products only. Go for organically grown plants, as they are free of chemicals such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Ensure the herb is free of heavy metals, microbials, and contaminants that could endanger your health or make you vulnerable to different health problems. Make sure that you make purchases from a reliable store.

It should be licensed and with a good reputation. You can ask around from friends and colleagues for recommendations on authentic marijuana stores. If your doctor prescribes cannabis for you, he or she should direct you on where to get high-grade marijuana.

Final Thoughts 

Chemdawg or Chemdog is a marijuana strain you should try if you need a hard-hitting experience. It is powerful and has a strong diesel stench that leaves you feeling fantastic. It also has more THC than some strains and causes a ‘high’ effect to help users feel better. However, it has side effects such as dry eyes, disorientation, and a dry mouth, which are manageable.

Nonetheless, its medical benefits are more. Chemdog can help with managing pain, anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD. It can also relieve migraines. It helps users relax, feel euphoric, and chatty. Despite there being little details on the origin of the strain, it is a powerful cannabis variety that hits the body hard and provides an intense sensation.

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