Dabs or Flower

Dabs or Flower: Everything You Need To Know

Users of cannabis plants are growing. Several industries are coming up with different ways through which their customers can consume the products without having to experience some dangerous side effects. This is why today we shall give you a head-on comparison of Dabs or Flower and find out which one is the best for your general health.

Dabs or Flower: What are they?

Dab is extracted from the flower of the cannabis plant and contain a high amount of CBD or THC. Most of the dabs are available in the form of wax, crumble and shatter. This is a good reason as to why they are referred to as concentrates. On the other hand, flower is the only part of cannabis that has been used by several people for a long time. The consumption of flower is a little bit different from dabbling. This makes it have some psychoactive effect in the brain due to its full content of cannabis compounds.

Dabs or Flower: Safety

When considering the safety of dabs or flower, then you should be more concerned about how they are obtained from the main plant and how they affect your general health. Obtaining dabs from the cannabis plant can be a safety risk for it may burn you during the extraction process. The good thing is that there are positive Dabbing effects on the brain. When it comes to flower, it’s quite complicated but very easy to use. The consumption process is very risky to lung health thus it may not be that safe when compared to dabs.

Dabs or Flower: Potency

Have you ever thought of Dabs or weed in terms of the number of compounds and cannabinoids they contain? Have you ever wondered how long do dabs stay in your system? Well here is your answers. Dabs are also known as a concentrate and they contain a high amount of cannabinoids. If you consume dabs, you will feel the effect for quite a long time because they have a high concentration of HTC.  However, using the flower may not be very effective because the number of cannabinoids are very limited and may not really make you feel the effect of cannabis.

Chemicals & Carcinogens

Dabs can be consumed through vaporization which allows you to obtain 95% of cannabinoids in gas form. However, using flower which can only be consumed through combustion will get you 12% of cannabis. During combustion of flower, tar and Carcinogens in weed will be released which makes your smoking glass to get dirty within a short time. These harmful chemicals can destroy your lungs and expose you to chronic bronchitis.

Chemicals & Carcinogens


Terpenes in cannabis plants are the one responsible for the good flavor you get when consuming it. The flower contains all the natural terpenoids in cannabis. The only problem is that during combustion, most of the terpenes are destroyed by heat. Making it have a bad smell that can last for more than 24 hours. Dabs are obtained from the flower, which the companies then include the healthy terpenoids to ensure the consumers have what is good for their health. Whenever you consume dabs, all the terpenes included will be intact as they will not be destroyed which make them have a good flavor.


What is dabbing? This a procedure that involves exposure of cannabis extracts to some hot nail as you inhale the vapor produced using a glass. Dab pen and dab ring can be very effective for dabbing and ensures you get all the cannabinoids. This is very different when it comes to consumption of cannabis flower. You will have to smoke it which at some point can be very dangerous for your general health. It also destroys most of the compounds at a certain temperature. Thus the most effective and secure way to add CBD into your system is through dabbing.


When you are using dabs, you always have a choice to make and you can consume it anywhere without having to affect people around you. You can regulate the production of vapor. On the other hand, consumption of flower through smoking makes it very difficult for people to consume cannabis in public. The smoke produce has a bad smell that can be felt in your hair or clothes for quite a long time. To be more specific, flower lack discretion.


Dabs or concentrate have a high amount of THC which make them more valuable compared to flower or bud.  One gram of flower would cost about $15 while the same gram of dabs would cost $60. This prices may change depending on the potency and the brand of the dab. But what you should know is that most of them fall around $60.

Final Thoughts

Bearing in mind some of the differences you have noticed between dabs and flower, it would be very simple for you to make the right choice whenever you want to use any of the CBD products. take your time and  use this knowledge to get the best products that can make you feel better is it also lower the risk of getting any problem associated with the user of the cannabis plant.

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