CBD Drug Test

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? Can You Even Pass the Test?

You might be interest in taking CBD oil as a supplement but the fear of CBD drug tests can make you hesitant. There are many ways in which CBD oil can be used. With beverages and smoothies, meal replacement shakes, with food salads, and also to prepare meals. But either way, does CBD show up in a drug test?

What is Drug Test?

A drug test is a process where your blood, urine, saliva, sweat, or hair is analyzed and checked for prescription or illegal drugs. A common way of doing drug screening is via urine drug testing i.e. the UDT. The UDT process is usually conducted in two ways. First, there is a screening test that is done and then a confirmatory test. The former involves the use of an immunoassay i.e. a biological test where antibodies are used to detect metabolites of the drug. If a screening test is positive, then the confirmatory UDT is done. It normally involves two analytical chemistry methods, mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography.

Note that drug tests are usually very intensive. They can detect if you had used drugs in the past, the type of the drug, frequency of intake, and also the amount you have taken. Note that the signs of drug use can be detected just a few hours after it has been consumed to months before.

When or Why Are You Tested for Drugs?

There are several reasons why you may be subjected to drug tests. It could be because of the type of job you’re doing or if you are applying for a new employment. Additionally, it can be used because it’s a requirement for parole and or probation. However, a common group of people who are normally subjected to drug tests are athletes. They include college athletes and professional athletes. This helps to ensure that the performance of a participant isn’t enhanced by external factors such as performance-enhancing pills.

Substances that are tested in Drug Tests

The type of drug tests usually varies depending on the reason behind the test. Marijuana is the most common type of drug that is tested. However, other substances that may be checked include alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, opioids, and so many more. When tests are carried out for marijuana, the compound that they usually look for is tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. This compound normally binds itself in the endocannabinoid receptors causing a feeling of highness.

CBD Oil and Drug Tests

cbd drug test

Does CBD Oil Show up in Drug Tests? A lot of people are usually worried when it comes to doing drug testing while taking CBD oil. Can a CBD oil drug test turn positive? Note that most CBD oil products are often rich in CBD Hemp oil and trace levels of THC. When you are doing a CBD drug test, it’s going to turn negative if you consume the oil in the required servings. In rare occasions, however, taking hemp oil products caused a positive drug result. Note that CBD is a compound that is not psychoactive. This means that it doesn’t cause the high feeling which is associated with THC. But what are the main causes of a failed drug test after taking CBD oil?

Failed a Drug Test after Taking CBD Oil

There are a number of reasons that cause a person to fail a drug. Naturally, CBD is a compound that doesn’t have any psychotic properties. But there are those very rare cases which if you do drug tests for CBD you might fail. . THC is the main compound that can cause a person to fail a CBD oil drug test. Some of the reasons include:

Low-Quality Product

Buying a CBD hemp oil of low-quality is very dangerous. This is because they usually contain a few traces of TCH in them. Although they are usually marketed as products that are THC-Free, reports show that have THC compounds. What happens during the extraction process is that THC compound may end in the final extract. The possibility of this happening is usually very common. This is because both THC and CBD are extracted from the same types of raw materials which means that THC may easily end up in the final extract.

However, this usually happens more frequently in areas where the use of cannabis has been approved or legalized. It could be from medical centers and other approved organizations. Note that before buying CBD oil, ensure that you verify if it’s free of THC.

THC Contamination

Just like when it happens while buying a low-quality CBD oil, you might fail a drug test because of THC contamination. This problem is common in dispensaries rather than in online retail stores. THC contamination can occur when, for instance, a handler who is in charge of handling the THC-free or CBD oil products had previously handled the marijuana plant. This aspect has a high potential in contaminating a CBD product. The residue in their hands is a possibility that can lead to contamination.

Digestive Acids in Stomach

Another reason that can make a person fail a drug test while using CBD oil is digestion. The molecular structure of the CBD broke down in the presence of the digestive juices, transforming to THC.  According to lab tests, CBD can break down chemically and form trace amounts of the THC compounds when it’s exposed to acids such as strong digestive acids.

Second-Hand THC Exposure

Can u fail a drug test from second-hand smoke? Yes, this is very possible. In fact, you might be exposed to CBD without your knowledge. This is a common instance where you get second-hand exposure to the THC compound. This usually happens when you frequently hang out with heavy weed smokers because there are high chances that you will end up inhaling THC as well. However, the possibility of this happening means that you have to be in a room that’s poorly ventilated.

How to Take CBD Oil Correctly

CBD can be taken in several ways. The mode of delivery usually depends on a person’s lifestyle and health goals. The mode of intake affects how long the effects of CBD the user experiences. Below are some of the typical ways of getting CBD hemp oil in the system.


It’s also known as vaping. Inhalation is a method of taking the CBD oil that’s recommended for adults. The best think about this method of CBD delivery is that its effects are almost instant. The CBD compound usually enters the bloodstream through the lining of the lungs. However, the effects of inhaling CBD is usually short term and it tends to diminish after a few minutes. Inhalation of CBD is usually through an e-juice vaporizer. So, can a CBD vape juice drug test turn positive? The truth is that all these depends on the frequency of intake and the amount.


This involves salves, lotions as well as creams. They’re normally applied on a localized area of pain. Topical CBD oil applications can’t enter the bloodstream. Their effect is usually felt only on the upper layer of the skin cells.

Sublingual Application

The CBD oil which includes concentrates and tinctures are placed under the tongue. This means that the compound will be absorbed in the blood capillaries through the mucosal membranes, into the bloodstream directly. Sublingual application provides both instant and long-lasting effects.

Direct Ingestion

It’s the easiest method of taking CBD hemp oil especially for children. Swallowing the compound means that it gets metabolized in the liver before the active compounds can be absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD oil can be swallowed as candy, beverages, foods, snacks, and capsules.

Final Thoughts

TCH is the main compound that causes psycho-activity as well as euphoria. It’s the substance that’s people usually get screened for during urinalysis. A CBD oil drug test can only turn positive if a person takes large amounts of CBD hemp oil. Note that the use of CBD products are not regulated which means that there are many unregulated products on the market. Even though some of them have a few traces of THC, consuming a product in large amounts will leave more THC compounds in the system, leading to a positive drug test.

The best CBD Hemp oil products should be from reputable sellers. Additionally, they should have a THC content of not more than 0.3 percent. It’s important to exercise a lot of caution because the above-mentioned factors mean that it’s still possible to get exposed to THC if you are taking CBD oil. If you have an impending drug test while you are taking CBD products, ensure that the quality of hemp is top-notch and your manufacturer is trustworthy and reliable.

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