Elixinol Review

Elixinol Review: (Updated 2022)

Most of us who use CBD on a regular basis might be familiar with the hemp plant, but not all of us know the benefits we can get from the plant. Thankfully, this Elixinol review will help you understand what it is and learn why the company Elixinol was and currently “is” one of the leading brands in the CBD industry.

The Cannabis sativa plant contains over a hundred different cannabinoids, one of which is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD can also be found in other plants such as black pepper, Echinacea, and cacao. However, the hemp plant just contains a much higher amount of this cannabinoid.

Besides, the human body also naturally produces cannabinoids, which are part of the human endocannabinoid system. This system plays as messengers that send signals to the brain and help regulate the body’s essential functions.

In 1991, Paul Benhaim, a significant person in the CBD industry, started to develop hemp-based products. Because of his passion and his great dedication to research, Elixinol expanded and became the top company in the CBD industry. The company offers a wide range of products that will be tackled in this Elixinol review. If you want to learn more about CBD and how it can make significant changes in your wellness and health, we recommend you to read on.

Elixinol & Their Heritage in CBD Industry

Leading the CBD Industry for more than 25 years, Elixinol started as a passion for the diverse opportunities that hemp uniquely offers, such as paper, clothing, and fiber. As the passion for such grew, Elixinol discovered something that could be the most impactful ingredient to human wellness – cannabinoids.

They did not stop just in the discovery phase. Instead, they dedicated their time and exerted all their efforts on researching, innovating, and bringing new products rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to the market, especially to those in need of real wellness solutions. This significant turn of events has put Elixinol into its position as the leading company in the CBD industry.

CBD Capsules

CBD Topicals

CBD for Pets

Trial and Bundles

Elixinol Company Highlights

A successful business is when consumers find the company’s product or service as of great value as it makes their lives better and easier. With this in mind, Elixinol diligently worked on creating products that yield real results to real people. They believe that through this, they can prove the worth of the hemp plant to the wellness of man and convince people into using it, one convert at a time.

The company believes that the most important ingredients in their products are integrity and transparency, mixed with innovation. Being honest and transparent to their consumers, who rely on their products to improve their wellness, is believed to be their way of gaining the trust and loyalty of their customers.

Moreover, Elixinol also believes that continuous innovation is essential in any business. This is why they are on the front lines of researching more about the hemp plant, learning about other methods in interacting with cannabinoids, and continuously innovating effective products for their consumers.

My Personal Experience with Elixinol Products

If you have read other Elixinol reviews, you probably know some of the benefits one can acquire from buying their wide range of CBD products. One of its best products is the Daily Balance Cinnamint Full-Spectrum Tincture. This product is a dietary supplement that helps you manage and balance your day-to-day activities.

The most and highly notable feature of this product is that it is unlike other brands with a noticeable taste and scent of hemp. Elixinol also offers other products such as balms, creams, and topicals. But just like any other CBD brand, the Elixinol brand has its pros and cons.


  • Their extraction process is considered to be one of the best, thus, manufacturing yet the best range of products that cater to several health issues.
  • In order To ensure that, they only produce the best quality in the market, rigorous testing is done to every CBD product they offer.
  • In all honesty, Elixinol does not provide its products at the most affordable price. But considering the quality and the evident results from their products, their prices are justifiable.
  • Another advantage of choosing this brand is its superior sourcing. Hemp extracts used in creating the products were extracted only from the best location of these plants.
  • Unlike other brands, Elixinol CBD oil smells exactly their specific flavors. Also, the flavor is relatively mild compared to other brands.


  • The products do not cater to all the health issues but only a number of them. But knowing about the dedication and passion they have in research and development, time might come that Elixinol can’t manage any medical condition.
  • Their customer service could have been improved, especially the ordering and shipping process. It takes two to five business days to process your orders and then two to four days for shipping.
  • You may check out another Elixinol review if you want to read more of other people’s experiences.

The Products Offered by Elixinol

As leading experts in the CBD industry and with its endless research, Elixinol offers a wide variety of products that would benefit not only human beings but also dogs and cats. These products, ranging from dietary supplements, topicals and creams, to dog treats and care, Elixinol carefully formulated these creations to achieve only the best results to its users.

Best CBD Products Offered by Elixinol:

  • Daily Balance Cinnamint Full-Spectrum Tincture
  • Daily Balance Natural Full-Spectrum Tincture
  • Omega Turmeric Capsules
  • Body Comfort Capsules
  • Daily Balance Winter Mint Broad-Spectrum Tincture
  • Calm Stress Support Capsules
  • Sports Gel

Other Products Offered by Elixinol:

  • Organic Balance Tincture
  • Daily Balance Liposome
  • Daily Balance Capsules
  • Good Night Capsules
  • Hemp Balm
  • Lip Balm
  • Pet Releaf Soft-Chew Edibites,
  • Pet Releaf Soft-Chew Edibites,
  • The Barking Dog Collection Edibites – Pizza
  • The Barking Dog Collection Edibites – Sushi
  • Pet Releaf Boom Bars
  • Liposome Hemp Oil for Pets
  • CannaCare Topical CBD for Dogs

Elixinol: CBD Oil Products

One of the products offered by Elixinol is the Elixinol hemp oils that are used as dietary supplements and have the purpose of making one’s daily life better and juggle through their day-to-day activities smoothly. This includes the following:

Organic Balance Tincture

A product formulated from full-spectrum CBD, MCT coconut oil, and BCP, the Organic Balance Tincture helps you keep on top of everything you need. Also, this product helps you juggle your personal, work, and other activities while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, being the only USDA organically certified CBD in the US, Elixinol’s organic tinctures are crafted to deliver an adequate amount of CBD and a range of complementary cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that define the entourage effect.

Daily Balance Tincture (full spectrum)

The Full Spectrum Daily Balance Tincture employs the Full-spectrum CBD. This CBD Spectrum oil is one of the most popular and widely used chemical formats of CBD oil derived from the hemp plant. This spectrum of CBD contains all of the cannabinoids, THC (lower than 0.3%), terpenes, and flavonoids, which may be extracted in the hemp plant.

On the other hand, the distinction between this and the broad-spectrum (Daily Balance Tincture-broad Spectrum) CBD is the fact that it includes a Traceable amount of THC. Therefore, this is excellent in the health cases of memory, pain, mood, sleep, appetite, and immune function.

Having a refreshing Cinnamint and natural flavors, this item can also be available in 4 sizes – 133mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 4000mg CBD each bottle.

Daily Balance Tincture (broad Spectrum)

Unlike the previous product that uses the full-spectrum CBD, the Broad-Spectrum Daily Balance Tincture uses the broad-spectrum CBD instead. This ingredient is another compound which can be found in the hemp plant. Like the full-spectrum CBD, this compound also contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that can be extracted from the hemp plant.

However, the difference of the broad-spectrum CBD from the full-spectrum CBD is that it contains an undetectable level of THC. Thus, this product is the perfect option for consumers who cannot or do not want to have any traces of THC in their system.

With a refreshing water mint flavor, this product is also available in 4 sizes – 133mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 4000mg CBD per bottle.

Daily Balance Liposome (CBD blend)

Formerly known as Elixinol Hemp Extract Liposome, the Daily Balance Liposome is the dietary supplement formulated with a perfect blend of pure CBD and MCT coconut oil seamlessly encapsulated in a phospholipid solution. This product makes its consumers feel better faster since it uses phospholipids as one of the ingredients.

Unique from the previous Elixinol Daily Tincture products, the Daily Balance Liposome makes use of phospholipids. It is a class of lipid molecules that carry the CBD components to reach the brain and body with ease and efficiency.

This product comes with citrus extract and essential oils. Also, they are available in two sizes – 300mg and 1000mg CBD per bottle.

It is guaranteed that all of Elixinol’s CBD Oil Products are made from organic hemp, gluten-free, no harsh solvents or toxic chemicals, and vegan-friendly. Each bottle of Elixinol CBD Oil comes with an easy-to-use marked dropper for accuracy.

Elixinol: CBD Capsule Products

To cater to different body needs in maintaining its wellness, Elixinol offers a variety of capsules, each with its specific purpose. From daily life balance, having a good night’s sleep, antioxidant functions, managing stress, to supporting body motions – there is a capsule for the specific function that your body needs. Elixinol’s CBD Capsule products include the following:

Everyday Daily Balance Capsules

With the same purpose as the CBD Oil products, the Daily Balance Capsules are formulated to make the users feel better and maintain balance every day. These capsules are encapsulated in vegan capsules formed from vegetable cellulose and are great alternatives to gelatin capsules. Also, these capsules are tasteless and odorless, making them so easy to take.

Good Night Capsules

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining one’s sense of well-being. Human bodies need an eight-hour sleep to function at their best. Unfortunately, for some people, having sound and adequate sleep is one of their nightly struggles.

Intending to get a good night’s sleep, Elixinol crafted their Good Night CBD Sleep Capsules. These capsules are a formula of full-spectrum CBD, MCT coconut oil, and melatonin. Melatonin, which is carefully extracted by Elixinol from plants, is a hormone that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycles.

Omega Turmeric Capsules

Another substance that plays a role in maintaining the body’s healthy being is antioxidants. These substances eliminate the potentially-damaging oxidizing agents in the body. The Omega Turmeric Capsules help assist the body to obtain the optimal antioxidant function.

Two of the significant ingredients of these capsules are turmeric, which has been proven to have powerful antioxidants. DHA is rich in omega-three fatty acids and sourced from algae. Since turmeric can help with DHA absorption, these main ingredients are best for formulating the perfect solution.

Calm Stress Support Capsules

It is undeniable that life can be so stressful; may it be about school, work, or life itself in general. Stress is one of the impactful factors that could make our body and mind deteriorate at a fast rate. That is why Elixinol has crafted a product that would help cope with day-to-day stress and improve a person’s mood and vitality.

With their Stress Support CBD Capsules, one can effectively manage daily stress naturally, as it contains full-spectrum CBD and ashwagandha.

Active Body Comfort Capsules

Every day, we make use of our body and strength to do our activities. Often, we overwork it as we do anything we want and tend to forget that it deserves comfort and rest. To help one’s body to be of best function, Body Comfort Capsules are formulated with carefully-selected ingredients, such as Boswellia, to support the body and joint movements without feeling any discomfort. The ingredient Boswellia is rich in boswellic acids, which may have anti-inflammatory effects.

Elixinol’s encapsulated liquid products are assured to be crafted from full-spectrum hemp extract, animal cruelty-free, no chemical additives, and vegan-friendly. A bottle of these products contains either 30 or 60 capsules.

Elixinol Topicals: CBD Balms/Creams/Sports Gel

Giving a little appreciation and attention to our skin is also one way of maintaining our overall wellness. Elixinol does not only offer supplements and capsules but also provides a variety of topicals to its consumers. Elixinol’s topical products, which include sports gel and balms, are formulated from high-quality hemp extract. It is guaranteed that these products are all plant-based and are animal cruelty-free. No synthetic colors or fragrances are added to these products, making it suitable for any skin type.

Sports Gel Broad-Spectrum

When life gets busy, and we tend to overwork ourselves due to a hectic schedule, it is no question that our body will react through soreness and pains. But with Elixinol’s Sports Gel, users can feel the soothing effect of this product when applied to the skin.

It is carefully crafted from high-quality, broad-spectrum hemp extract, arnica, and capsaicin. Since it’s made from broad-spectrum CBD, it avoids the risk associated with THC. The gel contains a neuropeptide releasing agent (capsaicin) that manipulates substances that signal pain to the brain and the herb arnica known for its powerful healing properties.

Hemp Balm

The skin, as the largest organ in the body, is also the most exposed part of the body. Elixinol’s Hemp Balm helps you give your skin the protection and care that it deserves. These balms, used as skin moisturizers, are infused with full-spectrum hemp extract and formulated with a blend of ucuuba butter.

Besides, the balms contain all-natural essential oils, such as copaiba, which is thought to soothe the skin, and calendula, a type of marigold flower that holds antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. The product is available in two sizes – 250 mg and 500 mg CBD per jar.

Lip Balm Full-Spectrum

Another part of the body that is sometimes neglected is the lips. With Elixinol’s Lip Balm, it is possible to give your lips the best care to help it stay smooth, healthy, and regenerate.  The CBD lip balm does not only moisturize the lips but also protects from the nourishing CBD oil that it contains. Vitamin E and Omega oils are present in the product, which helps especially chapped lips repair and rejuvenate faster.

Elixinol: CBD for Pets

The benefits provided by the hemp plant does not affect humans only. These benefits can also be shared with dogs. Since dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans, Elixinol, with their master chef and the careful assistance of veterinarians, formulated and produced CBD products for their favorite pets. These products include dog treats and supplements, oils, and topicals. See the following list:

CBD Edibles for Pets

Pet Releaf Soft-Chew Edibites-Elixinol Review

Pet Releaf Soft-Chew Edibites

These soft-chew dog supplements are great for generally healthy dogs. Considered as an immune system turbo boost, these Pet Releaf Soft-Chew Edibites can serve as a “superfood smoothie” for your dog to enjoy daily.

These supplements do not contain any wheat, corn, dairy, or soy products, making it safe for your pets. These Edibites boost the immune system of your dogs and help reduce inflammation, pain, and numerous other symptoms of common diseases and disorders.

These Edibites come in two flavors – Peanut Butter and Carob, and Sweet Potato Pie, both available in a 216g bag. Also, the product does not have a strong hemp smell, unlike other CBD brands.

Pet Releaf Crunchy Edibites-Elixinol Review

Pet Releaf Crunchy Edibites

Even if your dog has no issue about its wellness, these CBD Edibites can maintain their well-being and health safety. The Pet Releaf Crunchy Edibites, which come in two flavors, are not just tasty but are also nutritious for your dogs and contain CBD that can help optimize your dog’s body functions.

The flavors available for this product are Blueberry and Cranberry, and Peanut Butter, and Banana. Besides, these edibles are made with whole-food ingredients.

Pet Releaf Boom Bars

Pet Releaf Boom Bars

Aside from Edibites, Elixinol also offers dietary supplement bars for dogs. The Pet Relief Boom Bars come in three recipes that pet owners could choose from. These recipes, which each serve as a specific purpose, are Longevity, Energize, and Recovery.

Longevity Boom Bars help the older dogs maintain good health for as long as possible. This supplement bar is made with ingredients such as noni, a fruit that benefits the animal’s skin, and morning powder, a seed that helps strengthen the joints, muscles, bones, and teeth.

Another recipe available is the Energize Boom Bar. This is the perfect recipe if you want to give your pet an energy boost. Guaranteed to contain natural energy boosters such as ginseng not only makes your dog keep going but also helps your dog avoid the harmful effects of synthetic boosters.

Lastly, the Recovery Boom Bar is the perfect treat you can give to your dog after a long day of activities and adventures. This product contains natural inflammation-reducing agents such as Goji Berries. Dogs surely deserve healthy rewards, after all.

The Barking Dog Collections

The Barking Dog Collection Edibites - Pizza

The Barking Dog Collection Edibites – Pizza

Have you ever wondered about having a pizza date with your pet? These tasty pizza-flavored Edibites do not only satisfy your dogs’ taste buds but also help in preserving your dog’s health. Processed by Pet Releaf, the leading and most trusted CBD pet products manufacturer, your dogs can now enjoy pizza-flavored treats nutritiously.

The Barking Dog Collection Edibites - Sushi

The Barking Dog Collection Edibites – Sushi

The Barking Dog Collection Edibites is also available in Sushi flavor. This product lets your dog experience one of the world’s most popular foods. Now, pet owners do not have to worry about harmful chemicals mixed in commercial dog treats as 95% of these Edibites ingredients are farmed in the USA and are handmade and baked in batches.

Lastly, these Barking Dog Collection Edibites will help your dogs and other dogs as well, as each purchase of these products will benefit rescue animals of all ages.

Hemp Oil for Pets

Elixinol offers one wonderful and very effective cbd oil product for you loving pet.

Liposome Hemp Oil for Pets

Liposome Hemp Oil for Pets

As mentioned previously, dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans. Dogs, similarly to humans, can also benefit from the benefits the hemp plant provides. Elixinol’s continuous research on the utilization of CBD has also come up with another Elixinol CBD oil, but this time, it’s your pets that could benefit from this product.

The Liposome Hemp Oil for Pets is dietary supplements for small to medium-sized dogs and cats. This product is proven to have no interference with other medication and have no adverse side effects when taken by your pets. This gives a lot of benefits taken from full-spectrum hemp extracts and is an excellent source of B vitamins to dogs and cats. Furthermore, this product contains no chemicals or substances that can cause your pet to be psychoactive.

Topicals for Pets

Yes, you can use topical cream on your pets too, here is the one topical product that elixinol offer just for your pet  dog.

CannaCare Topical CBD for Dogs

CannaCare Topical CBD for Dogs

Elixinol, offering a variety of products not just for humans but also to dogs, has also designed a topical CBD cream for your pets. The CannaCare Topical CBD is a 100% plant-based and vegan-friendly product. Moreover, this topical cream is formulated with the full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and was created to provide your dogs the all-natural skincare for your pets’ external irritations.

Elixinol’s master chef and expert veterinarians formulated this products. They are all-natural, non-intoxicating, and do not get your pets “high.” These products are also tested in a third-party laboratory to ensure safety and efficacy.

Elixinol: Trial Sets and Bundles

Being new to these products, one might be confused as to which products suit them best. But, worry not, because Elixinol offers different trial sets and bundles that would allow their customers to discover the perfect product for them and, as well, explore other products offered by the company. These sets and bundles include CBD Oil Trial Set, CBD Capsules Trial Set, and Sports Performance Bundle.

CBD Oil Trial Set

In times of indecisiveness as to which Elixinol hemp oil to use, Elixinol offers its consumers the Daily Balance CBD Oil Trial Kit. In this kit are Elixinol’s best-selling tinctures in 133mg bottles: Daily Balance Cinnamint Tincture, Daily Balance Nature Tincture, and Daily Balance Winter Mint Tincture.

CBD Capsules Trial Set

It’s a trial and error for consumers to discover the product that best fits them. With the CBD Capsule Trial Set, one can get the chance to test three of Elixinol’s best-selling capsules. This set contains two two-capsule sachets of each of the following: Omega Turmeric Capsules, Body Comfort Capsules, and Stress Support Capsules.

Sports Performance Bundle

This duo has the common purpose of supporting the daily function of an active lifestyle. The powerful comfort one can get from the Sports Gel, and the antioxidant ingredients present in the Omega Turmeric capsules make a perfect combination with more localized benefits from daily use.

Active Body Capsule Bundle

Active Body Capsule Bundle
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Tranquility Capsule Bundle

Tranquility Capsule Bundle
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Best of Elixinol Starter Kit

Best of Elixinol Starter Kit
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Final Thoughts

If you are looking forward to maintaining your well-being while experiencing the benefits of the hemp plant, Elixinol can offer you the finest there is in the CBD industry. Truly, Elixinol is one of the best CBD brands in the market. They do not only produce Grade-A products for their consumers.

They also help spread awareness on the benefits of the hemp plant to the human body and how CBD products could be of great help in the medical field. Its wide range of products will help you manage a specific health issue. And with its continuous innovations, Elixinol continues to bring out the best of their CBD products while being honest and transparent to its customers.

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