How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Beginner’s Guide on How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Well, you are planning about growing weed indoors. So, it is very possible that you may be wondering how to grow cannabis or marijuana? However, there is no need to worry because you are welcome to our marijuana growing community. Growing marijuana is not a piece of cake because it requires lots of time and experience. But after some time, it can be one of the most rewarding stuff you have ever done.

Just like any other first-time marijuana grower, the biggest hurdle that you will face is getting started. Among other important things, you need to seek a secure place to grow, find required items for growing weed (including real weed seeds and pants) and be able to dedicate your money and time to keep plants strong and healthy throughout the flowing and maturation process.

And obviously, you should ensure that you are working under the limits of law before starting anything like this. Growing weed is not legally allowed in several states of the United States of America. Therefore, make sure that you are living in a state where growing marijuana is not a crime. As said earlier, this in-depth detailed beginner’s guide will lead to the productive, long and fruitful journey of cultivation of cannabis.

Step One: Select the Ideal Room for Growing Weed Indoors

Obviously, the first most thing you need to do is to select the ideal room for growing weed indoors, if you are thinking about cannabis cultivation. Usually, cultivating or growing room does not need to be an actual sized room. In fact, the growing room can be anything from a small tent to a storeroom or spare room, cabinet or even unused room of the house.

When selecting your room for growing weed, make sure to keep in mind a few things so you don’t have to leave the plants or project before it starts to grow. Take a tiny step, and begin growing from the small plot…

The first and most common mistake by most first-time cultivators is, to choose a cultivating room that is much bigger than what the needed actually. For the first time cultivation, you should grow weed in a small room. By the term small’, we mean just a few weeds plants because, in the first-time cultivation of the weed, mistakes are the inevitable part of this process. Therefore, a small number of plants will be wasted in this process. It will save you hard-earned money and also from frustration.

Even, experienced weed growers make mistakes and in almost every batch there are some unexpected failures. So, there are higher chances that you will not be able to cultivate weed at a 100% success rate. Therefore, lesser growing plants means you will ruin fewer plants.

Step Two: Select and Use Perfect Light for Growing Marijuana

Obviously, the light source used in the cultivation place will play a crucial role in deciding the quality and size of the end product which is nuts and plants in this case. Frankly speaking, the most recorder is that they should spend most of the budget on the lighting strips. And later. you will be happy at the time of harvesting that you act on this tip carefully. Here is the list of the most useful and famous types of marijuana grow lights that are used for weed cultivation.

  • LED grow lights:

If the price is not really a concern, then these lights are the most preferred options because it consumes very lesser energy and also generates low heat or thermal radiation. However, these lights are 10x more expensive than regular HID grows lights. Here is a free tip for you that don’t buy a cheaper LED light because they are not reliable and it won’t last even more than a month.

  • Induction grows lights:

Induction lights seem to be a strange choice for weed growing. But it has been marketed by some companies in the cannabis industry as an option for lighting. The concept of light generated from magnetic induction was inverted by the great scientist Nicola Tesla.

However, this type of light consumes lesser energy than fluorescent lights and is cheaper than some HID and LED lights.

  • High-Intensity Discharge or HID lights:

These types of lighting are the most common type used for the DIY setting due to cheaper prices and ease of working with them. It is a value for money option.

Main drawbacks are that it that with the additional accessories the overall cost out of the setup raise very quickly. The most commonly used lights are MH or Metal halide and HPS or high pressurized sodium. Due to excessive heat generated in the HIV lighting, you need a reflector/hood or ballast.

  • Fluorescent grow lights:

These types of lighting will be the best option for you if you are not confident whether you will continue the indoor weed growing. These lights are cheaper and can be used in other places. It also doesn’t generate excessive heat, so, hoods or reflectors are not necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of grow lights:

It is very important for you to understand the pros and cons of the grow light because the quality of the end product will depend upon the lights.

Step Three: Fresh Air is a Lifeline of the Healthy Growing Marijuana Plants.

Since you are cultivating the marijuana plants indoors, then it is very crucial to make sure that the airflow and ventilation are proper in your room. You can easily maintain the more pop flow of fresh air by placing a small fan on the floor and an exhaust fan on top of the room near the ceiling. The exhaust fan will blow out the hot air and fan will provide the fresh air. Since, weed prefers the temperature range around 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This technique will ensure that your room remains filled with fresh air with CO2. It also maintains the temperature of the room cool.

Step Four: Create a Development System and Monitor the Process of Growing Cannabis.

Once the proper lighting and climate control equipment are set. You will need to set a self-monitor and control system to monitor and control it because you will not present there all the time. Installing a thermostat will help you a lot to save energy and your money by allowing you to set the fan with it. It will turn on the fan, when the temperature rises above the particular temperature. It is important for you to set a 24-hour timer to ensure the light for 15 to 20 hours/day when they’re in vegetative growth and 12 hours/ day when they are in the flowering stage. Also, a pH meter is needed to ensure the pH level is around 6 to 7 and in the hypotonic solution, the proper pH is from 5.5 to 6.5.

Step Five: Think Like an Artist and Select Grow Medium for Cannabis:

After setting the lightings, exhaust fans and the 24-hour timer in your weed growing room, now, all you need to do is to select grow medium for cannabis. There are mainly two viable alternatives for you: growing in the regular soil or cultivation in the hydroponic tray.

In case if you are a first-timer then regular soil is way easier and cheaper in comparison to the hydroponic method. Take a look on the side by side comparison between soil vs hydroponic medium.

Like earlier said, weed growing in the regular soil is way easier, cheaper and has fewer chances of mistakes. On the other hand, if you choose the hydroponic medium then there are 50-50 chances of getting better yield or ruined crop.

The proper setup of the hydroponic requires some experience and expertise. Since you are a beginner, there are plenty of chances for mistakes. Also, the hydroponic setup is 10x expensive than the nutrient-rich soil.

Step Six: Choose a Perfect Container or Canna Trainer to Grow Weed Indoors

After deciding the growing medium whether soil or hydroponics. It is time to choose the type the containers in which you will grow your marijuana plants. You can either use a 5-gallon bucket or regular container for the cultivation. But keep in mind that weed plants don’t grow in the river or pond. So, make a hole at on the bottom of the container or bucket.

However, there are many prefilled nutrient-rich soil kits available in the market, which will increase the airflow and improve the overall growth of the pants.

Step Seven: Show Your Love to the Marijuana Plants (by putting plenty of nutrients)

Besides quality light, the most important factor that affects the overall growth of marijuana is the minerals, nutrients, and fertilizers. Indeed, weed is a robust plant but if you want a healthy and high-quality crop then proper care and expertise are necessary.

Step Eight: marijuana plants love the water!

One of the most common misconceptions among beginners is that more water is good for the health of the crop. However, it is true to some level but there is also a thing called overwatering. If you overwater the indoor weed plants, it may adversely affect the overall productivity or even ruin them completely.

In reality, there is no exact formula in terms of what is the perfect amount of water that you should give to the weed plants on a daily basis. Overwatering may lead to fungal infections in the weed plants. You should give water in a moderate amount for a better crop.

Step Nine: Set the Special Time to Care About Your Cannabis Plant (every day regularly).

Obviously, you are not going to watch your plants all the time but you can dedicate you some minutes to your plants. Even if you are the busiest people on the planet but you can still manage to spend some quality time with your plants. It is important for you to check the pH level, water level, humidity, airflow, and temperature daily.

Step ten: cut down your marijuana plants very carefully! Everything is going fine, and you have planted your weed plants properly. Hopefully, that time will come when you will harvest the crop and use them!

You can harvest the healthy-looking buds by cutting off the fan leaves with the help of a scissor and then you will get the sugar leaves and clump of nugs. These are different from the other leave because these contain resinous glands or trichomes glands. Put the sugar leaves in another container because these leaves should not be smoked with the nugs. However, these sugar leavers are full of THC. So, you can use them for making butter, hush, and wax.


In the brief, growing and harvesting cannabis is a wonderful experience. It is recommended to any marijuana lover, who wants to grow the weed indoors and experience the thrill. There are fair chances of mistakes but it is normal and in the end, you will be more than happy for growing, harvesting and eventually using self-grown marijuana.

We hope that this beginners guide on how to grow weed indoors’ was able to help you in some way and we expect that this will lead you to a productive and fun cannabis growing journey.

Enjoy your life and more important never forget to have fun!

Special note: All the information provided in this article are not made with the intention to use for illegal activities. In many states of the U.S, growing and harvesting marijuana is illegal. Therefore, all the viewers are responsible for their actions. Kindly, become familiar with the present laws and regulations in your state.

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