High CBD Marijuana Strains

High CBD Marijuana Strains: Tips on Growing Process

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that’s found in cannabis. Its non-psychoactive properties, as well as, a wide range of elements is the reason why it has a lot of medical benefits. It’s used to treat a number of medical conditions and it doesn’t have hallucinogenic side effects like THC. Below is an overview of how to grow high CBD Marijuana.

How to Grow High CBD Marijuana: It Depends on Genetics

At the moment, there is no possible method of how to grow CBD weed with high CDB than what it genetically has. Marijuana strains high in CBD/Cannabidiol are genetically formulated like that and they can’t be changed. This means, for instance, that it’s impossible for a grower to transform a marijuana strain with high TCH content to ACDC which has a lower THC content and higher CBD. In order to grow cannabis with high CBD content, ensure that you grow high CBD marijuana seeds.

A high CBD cannabis is grown from high CBD strain seeds. However, growers should be aware that weeds that are grown from the same type of seeds can still experience a wide array of various phenotypes not unless it’s a clone. This means that one marijuana plant can produce two offsprings that are different and very unique in terms of their genetic features. For instance, you can try and grow a Cannatonic marijuana seed. This strain contains about 12 percent of the CBD content. As a grower, your chances of growing a high-quality CBD plant that is rich in CBD from this seed will be no more than 75 percent.

The Ratio

As per reports from the United –Seeds Banks, only about 50 percent of the Cannatonic seeds grow to be plants that have the 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. It’s estimated that around 25 percent of them will be planted with high THC content and the remaining percentage will have a varied CBD to THC ratio which can range between 2:1 and 20:1.

Besides using clones with high-CBD content to grow high-quality CBD, you can also talk to different breeders about which phenotypes are good. What usually devastates and demotivates most growers is that sometimes they invest time and money in growing plants that are CBD rich, and when they mature, they find out that they are laden with THC.

Early Testing of CBD Marijuana

After choosing the high CBD strains seeds, ensure that you take the samples for lab testing while the CBD plants are still very young. The best time to perform the lab testing is about three or four weeks just after the seedlings have emerged. This way, you can easily identify the plants with high CBD marijuana strains before they begin flowering. Note that CBD-rich plants can be identified long before the plants reach the flowering stage.

In order to test the CBD content, take a sample that contains the top nodes of the weed to the lab.  It’s important to ensure that the nodes are well-dried before they are submitted for testing. The importance of early lab testing helps growers to identify the weeds that have high CBD content. However, you can still get the weeds tested once they hit the flowering stage if they can’t be tested while they’re young. At this point, you don’t need to go to the lab. Simply take a sample of a few plants and consume them. You can detect their CBD content by the effect that they produce i.e. whether it’s a psychoactive that makes you feel high or a non-psychoactive. Note that in case you end up getting high, that weed is rich in THC and not CBD.

How the Process Growing CBD Marijuana Affects Its Content

Although genetics is what determines the CBD content, you can effectively grow your plant in order for it to produce high amounts of CBD. This means that you maximize on the highest possible CBD content. To do this, ensure that you consider the elements of weather. Assuming that you’ve chosen one of the best CBD marijuana strains, ensure that you plant them indoors. This will give you enough control over temperature and humidity. A 50 to 60 percent of humidity is good during the vegetative period. When the plants reach the flowering period, lower the humidity to between 38 -42 percent. Additionally, the temperature should range between 68 – 70 degrees. Lastly, ensure that you moderately water the plants. lot of people usually want to grow high CBD marijuana seeds because these plants have a lot of medicinal benefits.Marijuana Strains

High CBD Marijuana Strains Which You Can Grow Indoors

Out of many Marijuana strains, a lot of people usually grow strains that are rich in CBD because of their medicinal benefits. However, before you begin growing these weeds, ensure that you check the laws in your state regarding any form of growing or cultivating marijuana. Although all states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, growing it isn’t permitted in some of the states. Before planting the marijuana strains high in CBD indoors, be aware that you will have an increased electricity bill. However, the increased expenses are better compared to purchasing marijuana from dispensaries. You will be able to plant a strain that you want and in quantities that you need without getting worried about incurring extra expenses.

Overall, you should know that apart from the strain, there are other factors that are crucial in determining the amount of CBD content that the plants will have including lighting. Depending on the watts that you use, it’s estimated that you can grow one gram of weed using one watt. This means that if you are going to use 250 W, you will end up producing around 250 grams of marijuana i.e. around 9 ounces of usable marijuana. Some of the best strains of marijuana with high CBD content which are suitable for indoors are:

CBD Kush

It’s a hybrid of Dutch Passion and the CBD Crew. CBD Kush has a THC to CBD ratio of 1 to 1. This Kush can have up to 7 percent of CBD or THC content and it’s great for consumers with low tolerance. It can be used to treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, muscle spasms, and others. The psychoactive effects of CBD Kush are very subtle, providing users with a calming effect by easing the nerves and muscles without causing mental cloudiness. CBD Kush is ideal for a small indoor space because it doesn’t grow beyond 60 cms tall. It produces around 400g/ sq. meter and it takes between 70 and 75 days for it to flower.

CBD Blue Shark

This is a high CBD strain that is Indica dominant. Blue Shark is a crossbreed of CBD Enhanced and Skunk. This weed is relatively mild and it contains a 1 to 1 CBD –THC ratio and it’s normally less than 7 percent. CBD Blue Shark is an ideal pain reliever and it’s used to treat diseases such as fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, arthritis as well as nausea. In some instances, it might be used to treat depression and anxiety.  It has a soothing and relaxing effect. Blue Shark is a fast-growing plant that usually takes just 8 or 9 weeks for it to mature.  The mold-resistant strain provides great yields which can be around 550 grams for every square meter of cannabis flowers.

CBD Critical Cure

Critical Cure produces high CBD strains seeds. It has a CBD content of about 7 percent. This marijuana strain is a cross of a CBD-enhanced Shanti Baba strain with Critical Kush.  It’s an indica-dominant strain that flowers very fast. Critical Cure usually produces very large buds that might need external support when they’re about to mature.  It’s an earthy-like flavor and it’s laden with resin. CBD Critical Cure has a sedative effect and it can be used to treat chronic pain, inflammations, injuries etc. It takes around 55 days for this strain of weed to mature and it can produce around 600g/square meter.

Final Thoughts

Overall, marijuana has so many strains and most of them have a lot of health benefits. However, most people love strains that have high levels of cannabinoids i.e. CBD. This is because CBD helps to stimulate the physiological endocannabinoid system. This system is in charge of ensuring that the body remains in a perfect balance, on both cellular and microscopic levels.

Overall, the marijuana strains high in CBD can be used to provide relaxation, to reduce anxiety, treat inflammation, to reduce symptoms of nausea, cancer, and pain. They are also used to destroy bacteria. Note that these strains also have THC. When THC and CBD are combined together, they have an effect that’s known as an “entourage”. This means that these two compounds help to accelerate the strength and properties of each other.

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