Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer Strain: Benefits, Side Effects and More

Jack Herer weed strain has won numerous cups in the cannabis awards. It’s one of the best strains of marijuana with properties that provide medical benefits and a perfect enhancer for recreational activities. It creates a stimulating and intense euphoria which can’t go overboard and promotes, transcendent as well as creative thinking. To understand this pot crop, this article gives a detailed overview of jack Herer weed strain

What’s Jack Herer Weed?

This a powerful cannabis strain with a unique flavor and outstanding psychotic effect. Jack Herer strain’s wonderful history since its existence has been at the top of the marijuana strains chart. Apart from its energizing effects, this substance has the ability to heal a variety of medical conditions and elevating the mood of the users. Jack Herer seeds have revolutionized the cannabis world. It’s one of the cannabis seeds which is in demand by growers due to its effectiveness.

Lab test reports indicate that this weed has both the Indica and Sativa strains. Jack Herer weed’s parents are the Northern Lights 5, Haze, and Shiva Skunk. The cannabis contains about 45 percent of Indica and the remaining 55 percent is for Sativa. It’s a hybrid strain that offers the benefits of these two spectrums, hence it has a wide range of uses.

Who is Jack Herer?

Herer was an activist who worked tirelessly for the legalization of cannabis. He is the author of the Hemp Bible. During his time, Herer campaigned to ensure that cannabis is legalized. He was the voice of the Cannabis Movement.  Due to his positive vocal acts in relation to cannabis, Jack Herer marijuana strain is named after him.

Jack Herer: Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

Physically this marijuana has dark-green leaves with dark orange pistils. It has the classic appearance of the cannabis plant and its buds usually glisten just like diamonds when light is reflected on them. Jack Herer weed produces large amounts of resin and it’s considered as a sparkling and crystalline strain which most stoners drool over.

What makes this desired cannabis plant to stand out from the huge variety of cannabis strains is that its aroma is delectable. It has a sweet flavor that’s reminiscent of nature i.e. an earthy flavor. Its woodsy scent has a strong hit and it reflects that of old growth beneath trees, deep inside forests. The top notes of this strain feature a citrus-like spice with traces of orange and lemon. It’s a perfect and complex blend of different aromas which deliver sweetness and engage with all types of taste buds. Besides that its herbal flavor delicately captures the tongue, with a characteristic of green tea. Jack Herer is a unique strain of marijuana that has properties that are solely associated with it. It’s perfect for beginners, as well as pro stoners.

Growing Info of Jack Herer

Cultivating Jack Herer isn’t very difficult and also not very easy. It’s a perfect strain even for growers who are just beginning. Whether you are planting it indoors or outdoors this cannabis plant requires an adequate growing space it grows up to 2 meters high. It’s taller than most strains of cannabis plant.

This pot plant is highly resistant to diseases, bugs molds, and pests. Generally, this is a low-maintenance hybrid that requires a sunny, warm, balmy, and dry growing space. It takes a temperature range of 70 to 85 degrees to grow this plant. Jack Herer grows well indoors using a hydroponics system. Being a sativa-dominant crop, Jack Herer is sensitive to overfeeding. A grower should always feed it lightly with the essential nutrients to avoid nutrient burn. The best types of food to feed this pot plant are silica-based because they promote the development of thick and huge stems that can support the large buds efficiently.

One-meter square of this crop can yield about 18 ounces of cannabis. Jack Herer weed takes between 7 to 10 weeks to flower and the harvesting period is usually early October or late September. It’s a strain that flowers very quickly if the growing conditions are right. It’s for this reason that’s it’s one of the staple strains for recreational shops, dispensaries, and research facilities. check our guide on growing Jack Herer by following this link

The Top Jack Herer Strains

Jack Herer Strains

This marijuana strain offers a motivating effect and a feeling of highness to users. Since it was first established, it has grown to be one of the most consumed cannabis strain with a big global user base. The sativa dominant strain has various phenotypes. The top Jack Herer weed strains include:

Pineapple jack strain

It’s mostly suitable for entertainment. Pineapple Jack is a cross of Jack Herer and pineapple, in a 50:50 ratio. Pineapple Jack has a positive effect on the body of the consumer, enhancing focus. It’s great for stoners of all levels, and it has a THC range of 16-20 percent. Note that the Pineapple Jack isn’t a hard-hitting strain but it is still suitable for certain medical conditions. It’s perfect for recreational activities thanks to its powerful and intense highs. The strain has a dense smell of citrus and pineapple with tones of earthy flavor. Pineapple Jack helps to alleviate strain when it comes to thinking, by improving focus and creativity. It’s a perfect boost that you need if you have a long and stressful day.

Besides that, it’s also suitable for medical conditions such as depression chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Additionally, Pineapple Jack can be used to treat headache and migraines. Some people use it because of its aphrodisiac quality and there are unverified reports that it can enhance libido.

Jack’s cleaner

It’s a perfect pot for clearing stress, depression, and easing anxiety. Jack’s cleaner is another hybrid that is sativa dominant. It’s a great source of energy and has intense euphoric properties. Although it’s suitable for all types of stoners, beginners should exercise a lot of caution when using Jacks cleaner because it can make them paranoid or nervous. Jacks Cleaner is great for medicinal purposes and it helps to combat mood swings, headache, fatigue, glaucoma, inflammation, and other conditions. Its taste is a combination of earth-like flavor and lemons with some over drops of fuel. Its psychotic effects are subtle. The sedative compound usually makes users hungry and sleepy.

Critical Jack

It’s a well-balanced marijuana hybrid strain. Critical Jack is a cross of Jack Herer and Critical Plus.  It has quite high THC content of about 20 percent. In addition, Critical Jack has won numerous prizes in the cannabis world and growers around the world are embracing it. Apart from its piney smell, Critical Jack has a fruity and floral aroma. Its valued scent is reminiscent of lemon with undertones that are flora-like.

Critical Jack is a perfect daytime booster as it has enhancing effects on energy levels, mood, and cerebral. It’s perfect for recreational activities. Critical Jack is described as a sociable marijuana strain that can be used to cure depression, headache, anxiety, and to stimulate appetite. The psychoactive compound has a high THC content that provides a feeling of numbness and a sensation that’s uplifting.

Jack Skellington strain

It’s a sativa dominant Jack Herer strain that helps to clear the mind. Jack Skellington is a cross of Space Queen and Jack’s cleaner. It’s a potent pot plant that can leave beginners with anxiety and confusion. This strain is used by patients with chronic depression and stress. It creates euphoria and it can help to manage moods. Besides those, it may be used to alleviate headaches and migraines. The most unique thing about Jack Skellington is that it may also be used for meditation. Being a sativa-dominant plant, this strain is usually wide and tall.

Jack Flash Strain

This hybrid is Indica dominant but it has cerebral effects which are sativa-based.  Jack Flash Strain is a breed of Haze and Super Skunk father with Jack Herer seeds acting as the mother. It helps to induce a euphoric and psychedelic state, uplifting moods. Jack Flash Strain helps to improve creativity and it’s the perfect booster for an activity packed day.  Because of its euphoric properties, this strain is perfect for those who are suffering from depression anxiety, and stress. Besides those, it also increases appetite and calms nausea.

Medical Benefits of Jack Herer Weed

There are a lot of benefits which this strain offers. Its primary benefits are mainly related to mental disorders such as anxiety, stress, depression, and ADHD. Apart from those, it also helps to enhance awareness and focus while improving appetite and easing stomach pains. If you have either of the above-mentioned conditions, take Jack Herer weed in moderate to large doses. The strain is found in forms such as live resin, candies, concentrates, gummies, edibles, and many more.

Side Effects of Jack Herer

A common side effect of this strain is dehydration. It causes the eyes and mouth to dry. You can easily combat these side effects by applying eye drops with moisturizing properties and during lots of water throughout the day. A few of Jack Herer consumers may end up with paranoia or anxiety, but these conditions usually fade away within no time.

Final Thoughts

Jack Herer’s strength and effectiveness is what has made it popular. It’s suitable for all types of stoners and its medicinal purposes are numerous. Its fruit-like aroma, as well as the high THC content makes it the perfect strain to treat inflammation and for a creative and energized day.

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