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Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Review

There are varieties of cannabis strains with good tastes in the market that we enjoy. Apart from those, some other strains are just so extraordinarily balanced and delicious; consumers can only wonder how they are created. This review is on Purple Punch strain, which is known for its delicious taste and the exceptional medicinal benefits it offers as a potent flower. The flower is an excellent source of euphoria, relaxation, and stimulation that you should try this 2019!

If the hype of the Purple Punch in 2018 didn’t attract you to have a taste of the rare strain, trust us, you’d be grateful for counting yourself among its new consumers this year.
Read this full Purple Punch strain review to get full knowledge of the incredible benefits the bud comes with.

Purple Punch Strain: What is it?

Purple Punch is an aromatic, sweet and sedating blend of two indica-dominant classics. It was the breeding of Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG that led to the birth of the astounding trichome laden Purple Punch which smells of grape candy, tart Kool-Aid and blueberry muffins. The strain has a degree of potency that offers the consumer the profound head and body punch that initially lands between their eyes and then a deep impact down into the limbs. The stain of Purple Punch provides a lot of the physical effects that melt the body and are associated with Larry OGo, alongside every flavor that comes with GDP products such a superb bud.

Purple Punch is a great after-dinner delicious dessert, and its benefits include relieving nausea, minor body aches, stress, and sleeplessness.
In 2018, Purple punch was not only on the spotlight but also renown among lots of patients and cannabis enthusiasts who benefited from its balanced medical effects.

What a great dessert strain this real purp is! It offers complex flavors and comes with a tremendously sweet theme, an exceptional dank smell and a vibrant hue of purple that will attract you enough to have you always returning for more.

The Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Purple Punch Strain:

The Aroma of Purple Punch

Purple Punch consists of a uniquely distinct smell that you can’t mistake for something else. It spreads out a rich aroma sweet grape, and for everyone with a sense of smell, it takes seconds to know that the fragrant flower comes from the Granddaddy Purple. For those who are not fans of sweet buds, the Purple Punch brings it all to the table. It is a full blend of sweet and sugary notes that include a punch of spicy pineapple and candied berries.

When you break the bud up, you will immediately come across delicious and earthy blueberry notes that will salivate your mouth. This is an excellent choice for consumers that are not fans of ultra-heavy skunk buds because they prefer a flower with a dessert taste.

The Flavor of Purple Punch

Apart from the superlative aroma, the berry and grape note which taste like the flavor of Purple Punch is mouthwateringly sweet and is the first flavor you will inhale before you see it transform into that dank and almost tart and citrus-like smoke. Exhaling it produces an exceptionally seamless and over-the-top-sweet flavor which is indicative of sugared berries and sour skittles.

Appearance of the Purple Punch

What a beauty this lively flower is? It provides GDP purple in varieties and a colorful green that that showcases large, compactly crammed fuzzy nugs alongside a lavish coating of cool trichomes to project a fabulous glow.

Irrespective of the colored-related name, purple”, Purple Punch has wide-ranging color shades that include purple, yellow, green, as well as even orange pistils that create a perfect balance of the flower. Considering that the Purple Punch is made of a fabulous range of anthocyanins, cultivating this beautiful bud is worth it.

Growth info on Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch strain is commonly known for being difficult to have and deal with, and anyone cultivating the bud has to learn to handle it as a delicate product. The challenge emanates from the need to have enough experience and skills necessary to keep away mold and enhance stronger growth.
Growing Purple Punch in a climate that is sunny and humid is the way to go. However, people who cultivate the bud indoors need to do so with the use of high powered lights alongside a heating system that generates sufficient heat. A Mediterranean climate is the type of climate that favors outdoor cultivation. Starting from mid to late October, harvest takes place.
Considering its strong parentage, the bud is great at resilience to mites, but growers have to always ensure that caterpillars don’t come near the bud because they are likely to bring molds. Besides, topping regularly is essential because that’s the best way to ensure that light and air are not blocked by larger leaves. This may appear simple, but it is a crucial step towards ensuring that the yields are not only plentiful but robust.
The yields Purple Punch delivers, range from moderate to high, in case the cultivation was done appropriately. Purple Punch produces flowers in around 7 to 8 weeks, and that implies that it does not take too much time for growers to begin reaping what they planted.

Highest Test of THC Content

With an averagely modest potency, the THC level of Purple Punch reaches the mid-twenties. In the level, 25% makes up the amount of highest tests.

Highest Test of CBD Content

As regards the medicinal advantages that Purple Punch brings to your health, the list of the conditions it benefits is impressive. According to tests, the bud offers up to about 1% CBD.

Medicinal advantages

The effects that Purple Punch comes with include a great mix of relaxing and functioning, and this is the best offer for anyone seeking to reach a complete high or medicinal relief. In spite of the indica roots it comes with, Purple Punch does not fall in the category of a couch-locking strain if the user maintains the right dosage. Rather, the sedative effect the bud offers becomes mild and mostly considered to be thoughtful and relaxing and an air of euphoria and focused undercurrent.
For patients that are struggling to get treatment for anxiety, stress depression, or insomnia, Purple Punch comes with potent medicinal advantages that will benefit you mentally and physically. It begins from the head and runs deep down into the body and through your arms and legs, helping to relief you of tension and stress in the fastest way possible.

The degree at which the strain has been effective in instantly eliminating stress and pain is the reason many now rely on Purple Punch as an effective medical treatment for several conditions. This includes cases like muscle tension as well as chronic pain when the bud reaches the functional high it offers.
Considering the ultra-high potency that it comes with instantly, plus it high durability, even patients that are struggling with cancer have been able to find great relief in taking the bud. Purple Punch consumption has helped them in easing stress and pain, loss of appetite, and nausea. Appetite loss, yes; which means you will regain your closeness with munchies and snacks will be delicious again and actually eaten with zeal.

Note that you won’t be distracted from functioning normal by Purple Punch except you abuse your dose or take it in intervals that are shorter than prescribed. When consumed appropriately, the bud can enhance your attention or alertness, mood and the ability to accomplish tasks. For those in creative fields like writers or composers, this bud is a wonder.
To experience a sound feeling and overall blissfulness and anxiety relief, consider this bud is a go-to strain to try.

Possible Disadvantages

When it comes to side effects, Purple Punch can also lead to severe drowsiness as well as couch-lock like many other cannabis strains would do if taken in higher dosage. Regardless of whether you’re novice smoker or veteran, our suggestion is always that it is essential to ease yourself with a bud since that helps you to stay away from any unwelcomed effects.
Some of the users of Purple Punch have brought up the issue of slight panic in the event of an overdose. Most importantly, taking in moderation is the right thing to ensure and also a way of staying safe.


The last time we reviewed a perfect strain like this Purple Punch, it didn’t reach the degree in which this one has reached. Considering the deliciously sweet taste and the potent effects that are suitable for the mind and body, Purple Punch comes with an abundance of elements that make the aroma and taste so delicious that every user would like it.
Have you in any way tried this bud before? And if yes, leave us a comment in the comment section below to help us know your thought.

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