Tips For Growing Bubba Kush Cannabis

What is Bubba Kush Cannabis?

This is a popular strain of cannabis that has a lot of benefits. Bubba Kush cannabis has a scent that’s reminiscent of compounds such as coffee and chocolate. It’s rated as the best strain of marijuana and it’s perfect for those who want to grow a fast-growing strain of the Indica weed. Additionally, its aesthetically attractive, thanks to its amazing frosted and dark leaves, orange hairs, and stunning purple hues.

Bubba Kush Facts

  • It’s a powerful type of the Indica strain with a THC content of about 18 percent.
  • Has powerful and has a relaxing effect.
  • One of the easiest strains of marijuana to grow.
  • It’s an ideal choice for most amateur cannabis growers’ thanks for its bountiful harvests.

Bubba Kush: Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

In terms of aroma, this plant has a grounding and sweet aroma. Taking Bubba Kush often remind users of coffee or chocolate. This cannabis strain has a nutty and earthy taste that’s sweet. It normally triggers the taste buds with its whirlwind and sensual feeling of pleasure. For appearance, Bubba Kush has purple buds and also frosty –green buds. In between the buds you can find orange or amber-colored hairs which are sticking out. For marijuana lovers aka the “420 -stoners” this plant has an exciting and bright appearance that’s reminiscent of the marijuana plant.

Tips for Effectively Growing Bubba Kush Cannabis

Some people may opt to grow this cannabis strain instead of purchasing it. However, it’s important to know the Bubba Kush grow tips in order to get better yields. The Bubba Kush grow guide below will provide you with all the important tips and tricks that you need in order to successfully grow this plant.

Growing Bubba Kush Indoors vs Outdoors

This marijuana strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If you choose to plant it outside, ensure that the location is dry.  From this Bubba Kush grow guide, note that the best time to plant this Kush is during spring but it can also survive in low temperatures.  However, most growers love to plant it indoors. This is because the outdoors poses an increased risk of bud rot. Bubba Kush thrives in dry conditions. Most indoor bubba Kush growers usually plant them in jiffy pots. The seeds normally germinate after three or four days.

Note: Bubba Kush from here, henceforth becomes a dark green plant after remaining in the vegetative state for about one month. It takes eight or nine weeks for it to flower indoors. Bubba Kush that is produced once the plant reaches maturity is Indica dominant that they have fat, large buds which are loaded with the resin glands.


Although growing this plant is soil is great, most people prefer the non-soil mediums like hydroponics. A hydroponic system helps to reduce pests and it’s easy to monitor the PH levels as well as the nutrients. It’s a system that gives you control which means that you will be guaranteed of high-quality and high quantity of yields.

  • Although soil can also be used to grow bubba Kush indoors, the following reasons usually make it challenging.
  • Soils increase the susceptibility of pest and diseases indoors. And once a disease or pest infests a grower’s indoor room, it becomes very hard to control it and leads to quick crop devastation.
  • If you are planning to grow the plants indoor using soil, they have to be high-quality. This means that you need to purchase the soil.
  • You cannot recycle the soil that you have used.
  • You need to constantly monitor the PH.
  • Ensure that the nutrient levels in the soil are balanced and sufficient.

A hydroponic system is normally used because it gives you precise control when it comes to monitoring the level of the PH and nutrients. When choosing this system, it should be readymade and installed with everything that is required. A hydroponics system with drip is excellent because it allows you to choose the growing media. Additionally, it’s great for large-scale production. The best thing about the drip system that you can have more than one harvest annually when you are growing your Kush indoors.


It’s important to feed the Bubba Kush plants. This plant needs phosphorus, Potassium, and Nitrogen for it to grow. Besides that, it also needs magnesium and calcium when it’s at the vegetative stage. Chlorine, manganese, copper, and silicon among others are also important. This plant also requires non-mineral elements such as hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. A nutrient deficiency slows down the growing process and leads to poor yields while overfeeding the plants can cause the nutrient burn on leaves.

Use Super-Soils

A hydroponic system is only great if you want to grow the Kush indoors. But what if you want to grow it outdoors? Well, this means that you will be required to create a super soil for your plants. You can purchase premixed soils or make your own organic super soil. To do this, you need to understand the soil type that’s in your garden. You can easily create your super soil by using compost or peat moss as the organic base material and vermiculite as the aerating agent. Combine all these compounds in equal measure.  You can also add humic acid, mycorrhizal inoculant and kelp meal in order to create a fungi population. Fungi help to break down the complex sugars before converting them to macronutrients and micronutrients that your weed needs.

Lastly, when you are creating super soils ensure that you add sources of micronutrients and macronutrients like dolomite lime, bone meal, Epsom salts, and rock phosphate. All these additions usually bring in nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, and many others.

Temperature and Humidity

Before growing Bubba Kush, it’s important to be aware of the climate considerations. This plant requires an average and relatively warm temperature of about 70 degrees-Fahrenheit. However, this Kush can still thrive in temperatures that are close to 80 degrees. Overall, the best temperature range is between 68 -80. If the temperatures become too low, the rate of evaporation via the leaves will get reduced. The result is that the suction force which the plants normally use to absorb nutrients from the soil becomes low.

The roots of bubba Kush won’t be able to absorb the vital nutrients causing a disintegrated root environment. Overall, this causes a much slower growth rate. The best humidity range of this Kush is between 60-70 percent, especially during its vegetative stage. When these plants near the flowering stage the grower should reduce the level of humidity to about 40 percent.


The PH level of the soil can be acidic or alkaline depending on the level of PH which ranges from 0-14. 14 means that the PH is highly alkaline while 0 means that the PH is highly acidic. Note that marijuana strains thrive in soils that re slightly acidic. This means that growers should ensure that the PH is between 6.0 – 6.8

The range of the PH determines how the Kush absorbs nutrients. For instance, if the PH is acidic, the plant will have an increased intake of manganese. Be aware that the rate of nutrient absorption affects the PH balance hence there’s need to have a PH meter. If the PH is very acidic, you can use lime to neutralize it. Sulfur can be used to neutralize a highly alkaline soil.


When the Kush plant is very leafy, the harvest will be reduced. Ensure that you trim down the big leaves and leave the smaller leaves because they’ll protect the buds. Additionally, these leaves have high amounts of trichomes will be minimal.

How to know if Bubba Kush is ready for Harvest

The best way of knowing if your Bubba Kush is ready for harvest is by checking the flowering period. Naturally, this plant takes a maximum of nine weeks for it to mature but this isn’t a guaranteed and accurate time. Some plants mature faster than others even though they are of the same strain. You can use the pistil-method by checking for the dark hairs to curl in and darken. You can also check if the trichomes are cloudy. If the trichomes are still very clear, then the Bubba Kush weed isn’t ready for harvesting.

Final Thoughts 

Bubba Kush is a cannabis strain that is known to have an amazing calming effect. You can use to instantly loosen tension when anxiety or panic attacks occur. However, it has a “high” effect. This means that it should not be taken very early in the morning as it can induce sleep. Bubba Kush should therefore be used in the evenings, just before you go to bed.



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