Growing Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Growers need to be keen when planting a marijuana strain. A misstep in the growing process can result in significant loss. In fact, following the right growing techniques is what determines between high and low yields. The Jack Herer plant is a top-rated cannabis strain. It’s the ambition of most growers to plant this cannabis plant. However, successfully planting and harvesting this strain isn’t easy. Even to the most successful marijuana growers, growing this strain is usually considered a very big challenge. But does this mean that this strain can’t be grown? This article provides you with some of the essential Jack Herer growing tips which you might find useful.

What’s Jack Herer?

It’s a marijuana strain that is named after Jack Herer, a legendary activist in the marijuana sector. The Jack Herer marijuana strain was first developed in 1994 in the Netherlands. It was mainly grown for medicinal purposes but it has evolved to be among the best strains for entertainment. It’s a cross of the Sativa Haze, Shiva Skunk, and the Northern Lights Number 5. Jack Herer has won various awards in the cannabis cups competition. The hybrid is sativa-dominant and its THC content is very high i.e. 23 percent.

Uses of Jack Herer

The Jack Herer plant is has a number of uses. First, its euphoric effects mean that it’s used mostly in entertainment. It improves mood and leads to comforting highs. It’s the best strain to take if you are in the mood to party. Not only will you get high but its boosts energy in the body, which means that you will be able to have an intense entertainment session. Unlike most types of cannabis. Jack Herer has high levels of CBG compounds. This makes it a perfect strain for treating headaches, depression, and PTSD.

Jack Herer Growing Tips

Growing Jack Herer means that you will get more than just weed. It’s a classic strain of cannabis that has been cultivated for years all over the world. If you are a new grower or you are a seasoned grower who wants to become a pro, don’t worry. This article provides 9 tips on how to grow the Jack Herer plant.

Production Varies with the Phenotype

There are various phenotypes of Jack Herer plant. It’s a unique strain that produces different yields based on the phenotype. The most common type of phenotype that’s loved by growers is the sativa-dominant. However, there are also versions of the indica-dominant variety. If you want greater yields, go for the indica-dominant version because its counterpart is known to produce moderate or low yields.

Grow Indoors

Jack Herer grow s indoors as well as outdoors. But for effective management and good harvest, a grower should cultivate this strain indoors. Cultivation Jack Herer indoor can lead to 18-ounce yield per square –meter. If you plant them outdoors, there are various risk factors which are hard to control e.g. temperature and humidity and they normally result in low yields in case they are too high or too low.

Use a Lighting Schedule (12/12)

Thousands of grower have found the 12/12 type of lighting schedule beneficial. Growing Jack Herer means that you should find ways of exposing the plants to an adequate amount of light. Although an 18-hour exposure to light isn’t bad, most people go with 24. Once the plants have flowered, you can use the 12/12 lighting.

Note that most sativa-dominant strains are equatorial. This means that they grow in 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness. Using this lighting mechanism straight up means that this strain will have enormous buds and strong branches. Growing the Jack Herer in this way will result in better yields and high-quality marijuana. This is in fact considered as the best way to grow this while the strain is still a seed.

Add Side Lighting

If you are using the 12/12 schedule, considered adding the side lighting. This involves providing the sides of your plants with light and the top part only. Note that this is going to work very well and result in better yields. Unlike outdoors when all parts of the plants are exposed to light, plants that are grown indoors need the side light as well as the overall lighting that’s normally placed above the plants.

The Training Techniques

Training techniques help to ensure that the dominance of the main stem is reduced. Besides that, it helps to maximize the horizontal growth of the plant. Overall, it helps to ensure that the buds have access to more light. When the training techniques are used correctly, they result in a bush type of Jack Herer which contains more numbers of colas. The most suitable techniques for growing Jack Herer include:

  • Screen of Green
  • Low-Stress Training
  • Topping

Source of Nutrients

Ensure that you use fertilizer to promote healthy growth of this strain. Most fertilizers have phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. However, all types of marijuana strains need high amounts of nitrogen when they are in the vegetative stage. When they reach the flowering stage, consider adding more potassium and phosphorus.  Because Jack Herer isn’t a leafy strain of marijuana, it needs fewer amounts of nitrogen. You can buy fertilizer with the Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium ratio of 3:3:5. It will make the buds to be bigger.

Other important nutrients that you can add include magnesium, calcium, and Sulphur. Although most growers don’t have to worry about nutrient deficiency with Jack Herer, there is nutrient burn. This condition normally occurs when there are too many nutrients. Start by giving your plants low amounts of nutrients (i.e. 25 percent of the recommended dose) and then slowly add your way up.

Naturally Control Pests

As much as the outdoors is the most prone area for pests and diseases, the indoor growers are not still immune to them. Though using pesticides is good, there are better innovative techniques that you can use. You can use natural predators such as the ladybug to repel pests like the mealybugs, whiteflies, aphids, and spider mites. Not only are ladybugs beautiful but they are highly effective as well. Besides that, you can use the garlic clove to remove spider mites, beetles, aphids, and potato bugs. Mint can effectively repel flea beetles. Note that flowers like geraniums can be used to enhance the growth of the plants and keep some pests at bay.

Temperature and Humidity

The right conditions for growing Jack Herer indoor is temperatures which range between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a strain that needs moderate climate. This temperature range should be maintained during the vegetative period to ensure that the strain produces large buds. After the Jack Herer plant has reached the flowering period, the temperature should be reduced to around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The best humidity range for this strain is between 50 and 60 percent. This amount should be lowered to about 40 percent to ensure that the plants don’t rot during the flowering stage.

Note that there are usually changes in temperature between day and night if the strain is cultivated outdoors. However, this is a highly adaptive plant that quickly adapts to the temperature changes without any problems. You can use a sheet of polythene to block out excess sunlight. The Jack Herer strain needs at least 12 hours of darkness continually for about 2 weeks for it to reach the flowering mode stage.

Flowering Period

It takes an average of nine weeks for Jack Herer to reach the flowering stage. However, this time can be changed by lighting. As stated above, once the plants have reached the vegetative stage, switch the light off and the darkness will force them to enter the flowering stage. But do not under-estimate the pre-flowering stage because the plants can go up to 16 inches high. Don’t forget to move and prune the branches to ensure that the buds on the lower side get enough amount of light.

Follow the Legal Rules

Growing marijuana strain such as Jack Herer is all fun. However, don’t forget to follow the legal rules. You need a growing card in order to cultivate these plants in your home. Don’t forget that as much as the use of marijuana is considered legal in all states, cultivating it requires legal authorization by your state. Failure to obtain the legal card could result in felony charges e.g. Utah or another type of charge depending on your state.

Final Thoughts

As one of the famed marijuana strains, Jack Herer is highly prized. It’s suitable for both medical purposes and entertainment. It energizes the body, clears the head fog, and improves mental focus. Although growing it isn’t easy, you can earn more once you get your yield. Follow the above-mentioned tips to get the best yields.



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