Tips for Growing OG Kush Cannabis

Tips for Growing OG Kush Cannabis

A lot of people are turning to be marijuana growers. The use of cannabis has soared in recent times especially for medical purposes. The OG Kush plant is one of the cannabis strains which is in high demand. However, there is limited information about its growth. If you want to grow this weed like a pro, this article provides tips and tricks which will help you to grow lush and high-quality OG.

What’s OG Kush?

It’s considered to be a genetic cross of the Chiding strain and the Old World Paki-Kush. OG Kush is rated as a hybrid that is dominant with Indica. It has high amounts of THC which can go up to 27 percent. Because of its genetics, the OG Kush plant is a highly sedative strain that gives consumers strong highs.

Eight Tips on How to Grow Kush

The OG Kush plant is a high-quality marijuana strain with potent properties. For new growers who are looking to venture into planting the cannabis strain, you must be armed with the right knowledge for you to get high-quality production and high yields. It requires a moderate amount of money for you to manage it to maturity.

Perfect For Both Outdoors And Indoors Growing

The OG Kush plant grows well when it’s planted both inside and outside. But as much as you can grow it outdoors, most people usually opt to plant it indoors. Growing OG Kush indoors produces an average yield of about 18 ounces of buds for every square meter. If the hybrid strain is grown outdoors, the grower should expect around 16 ounces of bud for each plant. However, the main problem which most growers usually face when OG Kush is grown outside is powdery mildew which constantly attacks the plants. The OG Kush flowering time indoor is about eight weeks. Harvesting is usually done in early October.

Use Hydroponics For an Indoor Setup

The OG Kush Plant can adapt to various types of climate but it mainly thrives in warmer climates. This is because it’s an indica-dominated Kush and they normally thrive in areas such as the Asian Steppes.  Although the cannabis plant is traditionally grown in soil, the modern era and the evolution of technology means that growers can now use hydroponic systems. This involves the use of a growing medium with inert properties instead of using soil. It’s highly susceptible to diseases when the soil is used as a growing medium. The best types of hydroponics systems for growing this Kush are Wick System, Drip System, Aeroponics, Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow as well as the Nutrient Film Technique. Note that if you are going to use any hydroponic system, ensure that the plants have access to adequate nutrients.Growing OG Kush Cannabis

Feeding Your OG Kush plants

The best way of growing OG Kush indoors is to ensure that you supply your plants with Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. Besides that, the system should contain essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Calcium helps to improve the structure of the plant and help it to deal with stress. Note that a calcium deficiency can be accompanied with issues such as magnesium or iron deficiency. Common signs of calcium deficiency include dead spots, leaves which look very small or unfamiliar, stunted growth, curled tips, and crinkling. The plants will end up becoming hollow and also weak while the roots will end up with rot. A magnesium deficiency will lead to the loss of leaves. Your plants will end up having edges with bright green or yellow color. In order to combat this condition, purchase the calcium-magnesium supplement.

Powdery Mildew and Bud Rot

Common problems that this Kush strain is susceptible to is powdery mildew and bud rot.  If you are a grower and you fail to spot these issues in time, you might end up with very low yields. Bud Rot is mold which normally develops on the stems of the bud. It’s a notorious condition that quickly spreads and can be tough to treat. Bud rot usually contains spores which may affect the whole garden of plants. Note that if you find out a plant has been highly affected by rot, discard the whole plant.

Powdery mildew is usually easy to spot as it usually leaves white powder on the branches and leaves. But growers should be aware that it spreads quickly like lightning. The OG Kush Plant is usually prone to this condition hence you should take necessary cautions.  You can do this by spraying the plants with appropriate herbicides or use compost tea. Additionally, ensure that you manage your plants by pruning them to ensure that they experience enough airflow.

A humid environment and rooms with poor ventilation enhance the spread of bud rot. If you are planting OG Kush Plant, the humidity shouldn’t go beyond 55 percent when they are in the vegetative state. Remember to reduce the humidity level to about 40 percent once the plants reach the flowering stage. You can do this by using quality fans.  In case your harvest is affected by powdery mildew, use a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) to spray it in order to sterilize them.

Temperature Regulation

According to most growers, the best temperature range of growing OG Kush Plant is 65 degrees up to 80 degrees. This Kush still handles the reduced night temperatures well. Temperatures should be maintained around 80 degrees during the vegetative stage and then about 70 degrees when they reach the flowering stage. As a grower, ensure that the day and night temperatures don’t drop by more than 10 degrees at any growing stage.

A very cold room will shock the plants. The OK Kush will end up suffering from stunted growth, a reduced process of photosynthesis or death. Besides that, remember that mold usually thrives in cold temperatures.  However, growers should know that OG rarely dies from high temperatures but should ensure that it doesn’t exceed 80 degrees. Anything above that will cause wilting, slow the growth of the buds, and reduce their potency. Furthermore, pests like spider mites normally love high temperatures.

Carbon –Dioxide Enrichment

Enriching your plants with CO2 will lead to higher yields. Growers who increased the exposure of OG Kush plant to CO2 ended up increasing their yields by more than 20 percent. Unlike humans, plants thrive in CO2 and not oxygen. It enhances the process of photosynthesis and makes the plants more resistant to light stress and heat.


Note the OG Kush buds are among the most loved in the marijuana industry. The average cost of a pound of OG Kush is about $255. If you plant ten plants and end up with 100 ounces, you will earn more than $25,000. Note that getting a commercial license will allow you to grow more plants. Amplify your security and use camera systems for easier monitoring of the plants.

Keep It Legal

Note that using marijuana for medical purposes in the US is legal in all states. However, the same cannot be said about growing. The majority of the states though (more than 20) allow growers to plant marijuana. You can cultivate marijuana in your home if you obtain a medical marijuana card. There are also states that allow the growing of weed for recreational purposes. It’s important to adhere to state laws. Growing marijuana illegally will lead to a felony charge and you can end up paying a $5,000 fine and serve 15,000 years in prison as in the case with Utah.

Final Thoughts

OG Kush plant is one of the best marijuana strains. It’s used to treat a number of diseases. If you want to be a great grower, simply follow the above-mentioned tips. You will not only get high-quality yields, but you will end with high amounts of yields. Invest in a good security system, use a hydroponics system, don’t forget to feed the plants, and ensure that the temperatures and humidity are well-regulated.

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