Purple Kush Strain

Purple Kush Strain: Full Review & User Guide (Updated)

Sativa 30%
Indica 70%
THC 22%
CBD 0.10%
CBN 0%


  • It has an earthy, spicy flavor
  • It also has a sweet taste from grape and berries
  • Sandalwood adds to its natural taste

Use Case

  • Provides full-body relaxation
  • Used as a sleep aid to help one fall asleep faster
  • Offers euphoria to help one forget life stresses
  • It is calming and users feel fantastic in general
  • For pain-numbing and sedation benefits


  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Mild paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Cottonmouth sensation
  • Some people have headaches


You can grow the purple kush strain both indoors and outside. However, it is best to have it indoors, where it is easier to control conditions such as temperature and humidity. Do not worry about the height, as this strain is short when fully grown. If you choose to plant the herb outdoors, keep it away from rain and humidity. Purple kush grows wide and not tall. Its indoor yield is 15oz/m2, and outdoors is 9oz per plant.

We live in a world with people struggling with different health conditions. Life can be stressful and make us vulnerable to issues such as anxiety and depression. If not, other factors contribute to individuals developing diverse types of diseases and disorders. While medications help in dealing with these conditions, alternatives such as marijuana have proven to alleviate multiple symptoms. There are various strains of cannabis, and purple kush is a well-known variety. With some states legalizing marijuana and some allowing its use for medical reasons, it has become easier for people to access and use the herb. Below is a detailed look at the purple kush strain of marijuana, including how it came up, its uses, side effects, and most importantly, its wellness benefits.

What Is Purple Kush Strain and Its Lineage?

Purple kush is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a pleasant grape fragrance. It originated from Oakland, California, and is popular there, and in other areas. The strain came about by crossing the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains, which are potent indica strains. Purple kush is as great as the two cannabis varieties. In 2016, the High Times Magazine mentioned purple kush among the top 10 powerful kush strains worldwide. The average THC level in this herb is 22%. While some plants could have 17%, others can have as much as 27% THC.

Purple Kush Strain Review: in Details

With the purple kush strain, users get to enjoy an uplifting effect that helps with various symptoms. It smells great, feels fantastic, and has a pleasant taste. Considering how powerful and flavorful this variety is, expect it to give you the relief you need. You can use it in several ways, including smoking, edibles, and topicals. Smoking provides fast relief, as the marijuana travels into your lungs and into your bloodstream directly to ease various symptoms. If you ingest purple kush, the effect can last for up to 8 hours, because it will move through your digestive system.


Purple kush has a pungent fragrance, which you can easily sense. It is earthy, spicy, and sweet at the same time, providing you with one of the best indica strains experience. The aroma is a combination of different scents that make using marijuana a soothing experience.


The strain has a sweet flavor that is also earthy with berry and sandalwood tastes. The hints of grape add to the unique taste of the purple kush strain. No one wants to use marijuana with an off-putting flavor, and purple kush saves you such trouble.


Identifying the purple kush strain should not be difficult. It has orange and purple leaves that combine perfectly. The buds are covered with orange and white hairs. Besides, they get dark green and dense when ready for harvesting.

Purple Kush Strain: What Are the Effects and How It Feels

The purple kush is known for providing a relaxing effect among users. It makes you feel blissful with happy thoughts and provides a euphoric high, which helps you de-stress physically and mentally. It also has sedative effects that make some users sleepy. However, other people have an increased appetite, so do not be surprised if you experience this effect.

These calming and elevating effects can last for 3-4 hours. It would be best to use purple kush at nighttime, instead of during the day. If you are new to this cannabis, start slow. Do not surprise your body with high amounts of purple kush. Take it slow to allow your body to get used to it before you increase the quantity.

What Are the Side Effects?

Purple kush comes with its share of side effects, but they are minimal. For starters, purple kush effects include dizziness. That is why you should use it before going to bed instead of during the day. You do not want to walk around feeling drowsy and bumping into people around you. Some users experience headaches and paranoia. However, purple kush can leave you slightly dehydrated, which could cause cottonmouth and dry eyes, as side effects.

Purple Kush Strain: How to Grow

Growing purple kush can be done outdoors and indoors. However, since the herb grows wide and not tall, it is easy to have it indoors and in small spaces. Note that purple kush is resistant to mold, and pests stay away from it, as its leaves have a bitter taste.


Purple kush thrives when grown indoors. You are able to control the conditions to maximize bud production. It flowers in eight weeks in an indoor environment and produces about 14ounces of bud for each square meter. Make sure you have the right conditions when you choose this method of cultivating purple kush. Otherwise, you are likely to have a low yield.

Indoor growing involves a hydroponics system, which carries essential nutrients that ensure your purple kush grows generously. It is free of bacteria and fungi, thus minimizing disease risks for your marijuana. Besides, the setup ensures that the plants only get the amount of nutrients they need, not too low or too much, which ensures you grow safe, high-quality cannabis.


If you choose to have purple kush outdoors, limit its exposure to rain and humidity to prevent rotting. It should be ready for harvest in mid to late September, and you get 8 ounces of yield per plant. Prune the plant at its vegetative state to foster airflow and ensure sunlight reaches every part of the herb. Nonetheless, this option exposes purple kush to diseases and pests, not forgetting theft.

The decision to plant purple kush outdoors or indoors is all up to you. It grows well in temperatures ranging from 65-75°F. However, it can tolerate cooler temperatures. If you choose to grow the cannabis outside, check the moisture levels to prevent bud rot.

Medical Benefits of Purple Kush Strain

The marijuana industry has come a long way. Today, some states have legalized it for recreational and medical use. With a marijuana card from your doctor, you can walk into a marijuana dispensary and get what you need. The purple kush marijuana strain offers relaxing and other effects that can help alleviate different medical conditions.

For example, when purple kush takes effect, you feel a euphoric high first and then a numbing high that spreads all over your body. This helps ease pain and spasms. Pain is a condition many people struggle with, and it arises from different things. It could be a disease symptom or an injury. The pain-relieving benefit of purple kush helps with conditions such as arthritis, cancer-related pain, and spasms. The herb can also alleviate nausea, a side effect of cancer treatment, thus helping patients feel better.

The relaxing, calming effects of purple kush help ease various symptoms. The strain helps you unwind after a tough day. Life can be tough sometimes, and all you want is to feel happy and elevated after a difficult experience. Purple kush can help, as it also provides a euphoric sensation. You get to feel happy, forget about your issues for a while, and even have a restful night.

Besides stress, this cannabis variety also assists with depression and anxiety. It calms your mind when feeling anxious and uplifts your mood when feeling low. We have all been anxious at some point in life or have triggers that make us restless. PTSD is a type of anxiety that purple kush can improve. The happy feelings and sedation can help one handle the emotions when need be for a healthier life. Purple kush also stimulates appetite in some users, which is helpful for those struggling with loss of appetite due to different health conditions.

The sedating effect of purple kush helps you sleep better. Insomnia occurs for various reasons, including pain and stress. This marijuana strain soothes you to sleep due to the sedation it causes.

Purple Kush Strain: User Guide

When buying purple kush, keep in mind quality. If you choose kush planted outdoors, ensure it is organically grown, as such is free of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. Besides, ensure that what you are buying is free of heavy metals and microbials, which are harmful to your health. If you are a beginner, go for purple kush with lower THC levels. THC is the substance responsible for making you feel high and euphoric. You can later switch to higher amounts and enjoy the benefits of this marijuana strain. Note that if you use edibles, the helpful effects of kush will last longer, as it will take longer to get out of your system.

Note that THC causes the high by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body. The system has receptors all over your body, and THC works with them and causes intoxication. The ECS regulates functions such as pain, mood, sleep, appetite, and immunity responses to keep your body in balance.

The other factor to look at the type of seeds used. While some people claim that depriving purple kush of oxygen and carbon dioxide makes the buds turn purple, that is not true. Purple buds are potent, and the right way to have your plants achieve that color is by buying the right seeds. They should contain a high amount of the pigment responsible for turning the cannabis into a rich purple color to ensure you get a powerful strain of purple kush.

About the outdoor vs. indoor purple kush, whichever you choose depends on what you prefer. What matters is the potency. Both methods provide high-quality, safe purple kush that relieves pain, relaxes the body, and enhances one’s appetite. If you intend to grow your own cannabis, choosing between the two production methods relies on your resources. You can set up an indoor farm or grow the marijuana outside, where you have to be extra keen with humidity and rain to prevent rotting. However, controlling production conditions indoors is much easier. We do not have control over the weather or climate when purple kush is grown outdoors.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a potent indica strain, you should consider purple kush. The High Times Magazine recognized it as one of the top ten powerful strains. It does not grow tall, making it easier for indoor and outdoor production. The strain is a powerful marijuana variety for various conditions. It helps alleviate chronic pain, nausea, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The sedating effect it provides helps users fall asleep faster. It also assists with pain and anxiety problems. The full-body relaxation this strain provides is beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing.

Growing quality purple kush relies heavily on creating the right conditions. If you are new to this herb, start and go slow until your body gets used to its powerful effects. The cannabis helps you manage various symptoms at a go, unlike medications that target a specific symptom. If marijuana is legal in your area, try the purple kush strain. If you have a marijuana card, consider discussing this strain with your doctor. It could be what you need for better relief than the strain you are using currently. Take note of the side effects such as dizziness, paranoia, and dry mouth. Use purple kush in the evening after work or at night. Stay hydrated to manage the dry mouth and dry eyes side effects.

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