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Sour Diesel Strain: A Detailed Look Into What It Offers

We have all had those moments when we needed a little burst of energy. Life comes with challenges that cause stress, frustration, and even anger. While medications and therapy can help in such scenarios, sometimes you need an instant solution, or do not want to deal with the side effects of some prescription drugs. Sour Diesel is a marijuana strain that makes life more bearable and relieves several symptoms. Below is a comprehensive look at the sour diesel strain of weed, which is helpful, especially if you are new to this.

What Is Sour Diesel Strain and What’s Its Lineage

The Sour Diesel strain is also called Sour D or Sour Deez. It is a 90 % sativa marijuana strain, and contains only 10 % of indica. You can use it at any time during the day, as it does not have sedating or relaxing effects. The one easy way to identify Sour Diesel is through its strong, pungent smell. It smells like diesel. You will be right to call this marijuana variety the least tastily of all.

However, if you somehow love the smell of gasoline and skunk, sour diesel suits you perfectly. It came around in the ‘90s from combining Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, which are potent strains. Sour Diesel contains 18-26 % THC, so expect to enjoy a nice ‘high’ effect.

Sour Diesel Strain Review: in Details

The parent strains of Sour Diesel are responsible for everything it offers, from the flavor to effects. There is no way you can mask the smell of this strain. It is potent, versatile, and works instantly to provide relief or various conditions.


Sour Diesel weed strain has a strong, sour aroma. It is pungent and skunky, with a gasoline smell and a strong lemon odor. If other marijuana strains do not hit you as hard in terms of the aroma, try sour diesel for a change. The diesel and skunk smells are enough to get you going even before you feel the lemon.

They overwhelm the citrusy scent in this marijuana strain and keep your smell senses awake and yearning for more of the marijuana. Nonetheless, you will notice the hints of lemon, which enhance the aroma of Sour Deez.


With Sour D, you get an earthy flavor with a citrusy taste to it. Lemon is part of the citrus flavor in Sour Diesel. Treat yourself to an intoxicating stench and a sour taste, as you use Sour Diesel to relieve different symptoms.


The lemon Sour Diesel strain has green leaves with orange pistils, which look great. They also make it easy to identify this marijuana strain, which is powerful and has a rich aroma and flavor.

Sour Diesel Strain: What Are the Effects and How It Feels?

Common Usage

Depressed - 80/100
Anxiety - 20/100
Arthritis - 20/100
Pain - 60/100
Stress - 0/100

Typical Effects

Relaxed - 40/100
Hungry - 60/100
Social - 80/100
Happy - 60/100
Euphoric - 100/100

Sour Diesel has an energizing, uplifting effect that awakens your senses. If you need marijuana to help you relax, rest and unwind, Sour D is not the one. Instead, it revitalizes your body, giving you an energy boost that has you up and active.

For that reason, you should not use this strain before bed, unless you intend to stay awake at night. It would be prudent to utilize it in the morning before starting your day or in the afternoon. Its energizing effect gets you started for the hours ahead and has you in a great mood.

When you consume Sour Deez, you feel airy and light. It does not have a heaviness effect that keeps you on the couch but rather makes you feel awake. This strain has you feeling excited, energetic, motivated, and alert. Users have also reported enhanced creativity when using Sour Diesel.

Sour Diesel Strain: What Are the Side Effects?

In as much as Sour Diesel energizes, uplifts, and refreshes your body, it comes with its share of side effects. For example, it causes a dry mouth and dry eyes. Remember to drink water when using this strain of cannabis. You should also use eye drops.

Besides, the energy boost you get might make it difficult to focus. The excitement could have you being up and about, and concentrating on one task for a while becomes hard. You quickly get distracted, and focusing on that creative piece you are working on becomes impossible. Paranoia is another side effect of Sour Diesel.

Nonetheless, if you have never used Sour Diesel before, try the other less harsh marijuana varieties before trying out this one. It is an ideal choice for experienced marijuana users who do not mind the overpowering, sour lemon, diesel scent.

Sour Diesel Strain: How to Grow

As mentioned earlier, you can grow Sour Diesel both indoor and outside. It grows slightly taller than average marijuana herbs. If you decide to have it indoors, ensure you have enough room to accommodate the height of the plant.


With the right conditions, you can grow Sour Diesel in an indoor environment. It requires you to watch the temperature and light settings. Besides, ensure that the plants get the necessary nutrients to thrive. Since this strain has a strong scent, make sure you plant it in an indoor where the smell will not be a nuisance to people around you.

You can use the potted method or hydroponics. The yield you get from growing Sour Deez indoors ranges from 20 to 25 ounces of cannabis per meter squared. The flowering time is 9-10 weeks.


Outdoor planting requires fertile soil and ensuring your Sour D gets much sunlight. That way, you have a better chance of getting healthy, potent marijuana plants. Nonetheless, outdo yield is usually 20-25 ounces of Sour Diesel per plant.

The likely challenge of using this method is theft. Other than that, if you do everything right, you should have your Sour D in early November. This way of planting Sour D saves you from regulating light and temperature. Nature does that for you.

Medical Benefits of Sour Diesel Strain

Sour Diesel is a sativa marijuana strain, so it affects the mind, making it better for mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. The 22 % THC provides a high with an exciting sensation. It helps manage emotions and alters the functioning of the mind to provide users with several medical benefits.

  • Relieves anxiety: Part of managing anxiety is having a positive attitude to enable you to control your thoughts and stay calm. Sour Diesel puts you in a good mood, which helps you get rid of negative thoughts. It elevates your spirits and excites you to prevent you from overthinking about something that is making you anxious.
  • Reduces pain and headache: Sour D can help reduce chronic pain and migraines. Body aches can have you stuck on the couch or bed and in a dull mood. This marijuana strain gets you out of there, as it energizes your body, and makes you high that you might not feel the pain in your body. You get up and bake, write, draw or do whatever you like with the burst of energy from Sour D.
  • Improves stress: One way of dealing with stress is distracting your mind and finding ways to be happy. That is why some of us go for walks, watch a movie, or go out and have some fun. Sour D makes you euphoric. It takes you out of the world of thoughts and energizes your system. You cannot afford to continue being stressed when using Sour Deez.
  • Eases nausea and loss of appetite: Sour Diesel relieves nausea, which is one of the causes of appetite loss. With less or no nausea at all, you can eat better and ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to function properly. If you are not nauseated but have lost your appetite, Sour D might help with that as well.
  • Alleviates depression and bipolar disorder symptoms: this cannabis strain has an uplifting effect that elevates your mood. This benefit eases depression and the lows of the bipolar disorder. Feeling excited and energetic helps a lot with managing dull moments, which is essential for those dealing with the two mental issues.
  • Enhances creativity: If you are in the creative industry, Sour Diesel has a spectacular effect on you. It improves your imagination to get that piece done before the deadline. Whether you are writing, drawing, painting, or directing a video, it comes a time when you are stuck with an idea. The energy boost Sour D provides helps you focus and spend a few more hours on what you are doing instead of procrastinating. The excitement you feel jogs your memory to help you find a way out of the problem you are facing.
  • Fatigue: Feeling tired when you have a lot to do can be frustrating. Perhaps you are working on a project, and every minute is important. Sour Diesel relieves fatigue. It does not make you relaxed and lazy; instead, it energizes your body and uplifts your spirits. That way, you get to focus on your work when need be and generally feel better.

However, if you have a mental disorder, do not over-consume Sour D, as doing so might worsen symptoms such as paranoia and anxiety. Note that paranoia is one of the side effects of the Sour Diesel strain.

Besides, speak to your doctor about using marijuana for safety and to ensure you take the right dose for your condition. Marijuana is legal only in fewer states for recreational and medical uses. Others allow it for medical use, and with a marijuana card from your doctor, you can buy and use cannabis.

You can use the Sour Diesel strain in the form of edibles, live resin, concentrate, shatter, or hash. That way, you have several ways to consume the cannabis, which enhances convenience. Enjoy the fast-acting effects, get energized, and generally feel better.

Final Thoughts

Sour Diesel strain is a sativa type of marijuana with multiple benefits. It contains 22 % of THC on average and provides fast-acting effects that enhance wellness. Sour Diesel elevates your mood, relieves depression and other mental disorders, energizes your body, and enhances creativity.

It has been around since the ‘90s, helping users manage different symptoms. One aspect that sets apart Sour Diesel is its pungent smell that awakens your whole. It hits your senses like no other strain. Keep this in mind when buying Sour D. If the scent is not as powerful, look for another brand that provides the real potency of this strain.

If you are looking for a marijuana variety that does not relax your body but revitalizes you, Sour Diesel is what you need. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, and has green leaves and orange pistils. Despite having multiple medical benefits, this strain comes with side effects. It can cause dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, and trouble focusing.

Remember to stay hydrated. If you have a mental disorder, do not overuse Sour Deez; otherwise, your risk worsening your symptoms. You should use this strain in the morning or afternoon but not at night. Sour Diesel provides your body with a stimulating effect and not a heavy feeling. It keeps you motivated, uplifted, and creative, besides eliminating fatigue.

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