Review of Gelato Cannabis Strain

Cannabis use has really taken the world by storm in recent years. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that multiple states in America have legalized the use of Marijuana for medical purposes. Recreational use is also on the fast track to being officially legalized. Marijuana advocates have been going to war to destroy the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and it’s users, and their hard work seems to finally be paying off! With these advances in the Marijuana field, more and more strains of the plant are being given their well-deserved attention. The Gelato hybrid is one of such and is the main strain that we will be focusing on in this article.

All About Gelato Strain

The Gelato Strain is made from it’s parent strains, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie and Sunset Sherbet. It was given it’s named due to it’s sweet and simple dessert-like flavor. Users compare the yummy experience to that of a delicious dessert. Made by Cookie Fam Genetics in Bay Area, California, this hybrid strain of Cannabis is sure to please every taste bud. The Cookie Fam is known for their fruity and flavorful buds that never disappoint.

Gelato buds have purple hues that are accented by gorgeous, bright orange hairs and covered in a coat of white, crystal-like resin. Also referred to as “Larry Bird”, the Gelato weed strain is commonly associated with phenotype 33. It’s effects are described as well-balanced, unique, and mellow. Without any sort of mind-numbing crash when coming down. The high experienced with Gelato is indica-leaning and is composed of between 20% and 26% THC. As with most other strains of Indica marijuana, Gelato’s buds tend to be small but thick. The Gelato stocks are short and comprised of sticky buds that carry a fruity yet earthy aroma.

What is Gelato Weed Exactly?

When in search of the next best strain, The Cooking Fam Genetics Company made the genius move of crossing Sunset Sherbet with the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie strain. What they were left with was a surprise to say the least. After a bit of experimenting and tweaking, the “Gelato” strain was created. This phenotype would prove to be something truly special. While this is a very well-balanced hybrid, as stated above, it is typically more Indica-leaning with about 56% Indica and 44% Sativa. User’s described the effects of this strain as uplifting, energy-filled, and absolutely delicious (which is always a plus).

The content of THC contained within the plant typically ranges from 20% to 26% and even at the lowest, a good amount of 18% THC content has been recorded. This level ensures that only a small amount of the bud will be needed to guarantee a long lasting high effect on the user. The effects of Gelato has been known to hit it’s users almost immediately, which plays another role in keeping it so popular. Some Gelato Cannabis Reviews describe a body high that can be a bit intense but does not leave you a couch potato.

Where Can I purchase Gelato Kush in the United States?

Because the seeds of the Gelato Strain are commercially unavailable, this particular bud can be a bit harder to come by. However, it can be found within some of the better known and better-stocked dispensaries around the United States. Gelato is more typically used for recreational use, so your best bet is to find a dispensary that carries such. Try looking at some of your local dispensaries.

Smoking Gelato Marijuana

Gelato Weed has a particularly pungent and sweet odor, making it easily recognizable in a public setting. Because the aroma is so overwhelming, storing your Gelato in an air tight container when out and about is highly advised. The odor makes being discreet with your green a bit of a task. But if you’re unbothered by such things, this powerful strain is definitely worth it.

  1. Aroma: Named after the yummy ice cream, this strain has a fruity and sweet fragrance that makes smoking it an absolute delight on the senses. This dank bud has underlying hints of orange and blueberry that only add to the overall flavor of the strain, making it a house favorite anywhere you go.
  2. Flavor: The white smoke that exudes from the bud after a hit has been taken gives the taste buds a flurry of citrus and berry aftertastes. It also still manages to slip in some earthy undertones. If you’re into desserts, this is the strain for you. Gelato weed’s impressive family lineage gives this particular strain the boost in it’s reputation that is needed to continue being very popular. There also seem to be hints of floral lavender. Which may be why some really enjoy Gelato as a means to relax and unwind.
  3. Appearance: As we stated above, Gelato Weed is covered in fiery bright orange hairs that run along the dark purple hues that the green bud leaves appear to have.This sticky weed is completely covered in a yellowish white resin. Users describe it as a “pretty bud”.

Understanding How to Grow Gelato Weed

If you are interested in growing this particular strain of Indica, it is good to note that this is a perfect indoor growing plant. Due to it’s short to medium composition, Gelato Weed fits well indoors in rooms with shorter ceilings. As noted, the growing process of Gelato is certainly a treat for the eyes. This is a gorgeous bud that typically takes 8 to 9 weeks to fully flower.

Acquiring the seeds of Gelato can actually turn out to be one of the more difficult parts of growing the plant. Because, again,. it is not a readily available strain and is not commercially sold. Knowing someone who is already growing this strain is probably the easiest way to come by it. That’s assuming they are even willing to give any up.

This particular strain is needy and needs specific temperatures to flourish properly. Because of this, a grow tent is highly advised so that all the conditions can be easily and constantly monitored. A humid and warm environment is a necessity inside your grow tent to assure the growth and health of your Gelato plants. If you are a novice grower, this may not be the best strain to attempt on your first go-around.Gelato Cannabis Strain

The Gelato Marijuana Strain Effects

While 26% of THC concentrate may not sound like a big deal, for novice marijuana smokers, this number can be a big deal. It is advised that anyone who is new to this particular strain should take it slow. One small puff to begin with, then work your way up to your tolerance. While it shouldn’t leave you completely immobile, it still has a LOT of kick. More experienced users have noted, however, a euphoric bliss with their Gelato. The high experienced with Gelato is mostly cerebral with a calm and relaxing body high that will not leave you lazy on the couch all afternoon. Users have been noted saying that they experienced a balanced focus along with a relaxed body and it’s really something worth experiencing.

Does This Strain Have any Medical Benefits?

Gelato has the ability to relieve both mental and physical ailments within a person.

Some physical benefits of using Gelato Marijuana may include:

  • Inflammation
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Chronic Pain
  • Nausea

If you are more interested in other forms of Gelato, such as edibles, they do exist, however, they can be quite difficult to find. As of right now, the most popular and well known form of Gelato would be in the form of smoking.

Some mental benefits of using Gelato Marijuana may include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Smoking weed is really not for everyone. But some people rely on this plant and this plant alone to help them get through even the most difficult of ailments. It doesn’t work for everyone, but you’ll never know if it can work for you unless you give it a chance to. If you have a diagnosed mood disorder, the recommended amount is just a couple of puffs to get started. Remember what we discussed above, if you are a novice, begin with just one hit and work your way up to get a full grasp on your tolerance level. This is a strong strain and it won’t take much.

Some Possible Side Effects of Gelato Marijuana

As stated just above, this is a strong strain of Marijuana. Over consumption of this strain can leave the user with an overwhelming feeling of paranoia. Other side effects may include:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes

Drinking lots of fluids is highly advised and again, take it slow in the beginning to assure that any side effects are avoided. Keeping a water bottle or glass nearby can be highly beneficial if you happen to smoke a bit too much and don’t feel like getting up!

Final Thoughts on the Gelato Strain

All in all, it is safe to say that Gelato is a yummy choice when looking for a new strain to try out. The pros of using Gelato seem to make this strain well worth it. While not only relaxing the body and mind, it would appear that Gelato also holds many benefits for some physical and mental conditions as well. With it’s fruity and earthy taste, lovely leaves, and sweet aroma, you can add Gelato to your “To-Do List”.

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