Trainwreck Marijuana

Trainwreck Marijuana: The Powerful and The Mellow Combined

There are a thousand or more strains of marijuana (cannabis) than you’ll ever see in your lifetime, including newly developed and already forgotten strains. It is not very difficult to create a new strain which is why marijuana strains easily multiply. But among the strains that are recognized in the industry, there are a little less than 800 (779 according to cannabis experts) that can be named and identified. But all these countless strains come largely from 3 main cannabis species: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. There are recognizable classifications used to describe certain families of weed (recreational or medicinal) you might encounter, buying in dispensaries or ordering online. These include: The Hazes (names often end in ‘Haze’, e.g. Purple Haze, Chocolate Haze); the Kushes (e.g. OG Kush, Hindu Kush); the Diesels (often sativa-indica hybrids, e.g. NYC Diesel, Raspberry Diesel); and the Heirlooms (the pure breeds, often identified from their sources, e.g. Afghani, Mexican). Then, there’s Trainwreck.

What family does trainwreck belong to?

What Is Trainwreck?

Trainwreck is probably one of the most powerful hybrid marijuana strain to be around. It’s a combination of three heirloom (pure) strains of cannabis, viz. Thai (sativa), Mexican (sativa), and Afghani (indica). The combined genetic ratio is 65 – 70% sativa to 30 – 35% indica, making the trainwreck strain a sativa-dominated hybrid. The trainwreck strain combines a powerful cerebral high delivered by its sativa component, and a mellowing overall bodily high that comes from the indica. The magic is brought to you by the strain’s massive THC content, a dizzying 26%.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

One of the theories how the trainwreck strain got its name ‘trainwreck’ was because of how it grows. It has spindle-like branches (sativa) and its flowers jut out randomly everywhere. Looks like one trainwreck. But other theories have it that trainwreck got its name for the first blast of euphoria that it delivers, much like a runaway train slamming on your brains.

In its dry flower form it has a pale shade of green marked all around by silvery bits that look like its frosted. But one of the best ways to tell the trainwreck marijuana apart is its dominant lemony aroma. It’s a blend of lemon, menthol, pine, and spice with a sweet pungency. This comes from the high levels of terpenes, viz. limonene, which is a terpene also found in the rinds of citrus fruits.

Its flavor retains the lemon-menthol-pine notes but infuses it with a kind of and earthy peppery flavor. The aroma and flavor of trainwreck linger long after intake.

The Weed Planted

The weed grows tall owing to its sativa parents. Its indica strains allow it to grow more dense and sturdy in structure than its sativa parents. Sativas are tall and can grow up to 15 ft and the growth structure of its branches and leaves are more sparse and spread out. This makes the sativa strain ideal for outdoor cultivation.

The trainwreck strain is more adaptable. It can be grown well producing a good yield both outdoor and indoor. Trainwreck has thin leaves inherited from its sativa parents. But its flowers are more resinous, inherited from the indica strain. Indoor, trainwreck can flower in 8 – 10 weeks, an advantage for beginners thinking of what strain to start planting with. Outdoors, its yield is generally higher per plant (700 grams) than indoors (500 grams).

But there are also challenges. Because trainwreck marijuana is a tall plant, you need to provide space for it to grow. Also, keep the plant from spreading too wide and cause overcrowding, by regular pruning. Another challenge for newbies and intermediate growers is the tendency of the trainwreck strain to produce hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodites will create problems with your yield if you don’t take action immediately.Trainwreck Marijuana


Cannabis is like you and me, having male and female gender, with matching male and female sex organs. And like you and me, sometimes decide you’re both male and female. In a manner of speaking. A hermaphrodite plant (‘hermies’) has both a male sex organ (stamen) and a female (pistil). As a weed cultivator or grower, you don’t want anything to do with a male cannabis plant. It has no value to you. It has no value to you as weed and as a commercial product. What is of weed value and economic importance is the female plant. It is the female plant that produces the best buds, also known as ‘sinsemilla’ (no seeds).

When you discover hermies in your weed garden, immediately get rid of them. Yes, the entire plant. But how can you tell if you have hermaphrodite cannabis?

Cannabis plants reveal their sexual orientation for around 6 weeks. Before this stage, they just shoot up and grow leaves and stuff. At 6 weeks, they begin to show signs of flower growths (nodes) on the various intersections of stems. When shapes become more identifiable, hermaphrodites will produce balls (pollen sacs) which later bring out yellowish ‘bananas’ or banana-shaped growth (male sex organ) together with the buds (female). These balls and bananas can pollinate your plants and produce seedy buds. They can pollinate your entire crop! That would be the real trainwreck.


Because your trainwreck strain is a combination of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, you can feel its combined effect both in your brains and in your body. It has highly psychotropic properties that will immediately rocket you to the clouds and expand your thoughts. The space-time boundaries that limit the capacity of your brain is removed and your inner vision is enlarged. You can see yourself looking at the world moving in slow motion around you.

Your physical senses (e.g. sight and sound) are enhanced making you feel artistic and creative. You become more responsive to the music, the beats, hearing different instruments more distinctly. It is mind-bending and it overwhelms you with a feeling of euphoria and happiness. It hits your brains like a runaway train on impact. Stoned. That’s what the high-level of THC in trainwreck does.

But its overpowering psychotropic slam can also bring creeping feelings of irrational fear, anxiety, and panic. Your mind is just simply moving too fast it can result in a trainwreck. Don’t call your mom, or the police.


But then, it also wraps you within a warm embrace you feel it all over your body. The indica tenderly relaxes you and melts your body in a calm and mellow stupor. Couchlocked. You experience overpowering wellness surrounding you. And you feel no pain. But if you’re not adjusted, this can leave you tired, lazy, and jaded. That’s a bummer. Just remember proper dosing, e.g. one or two hits.

Medicinal Use

Many of the medicinal uses of trainwreck has to do with its very high levels of THC, at 26%. Because of this, trainwreck marijuana has been recommended in the treatment of many disorders associated with brain function, including ADHD, PTSD, stress, and also depression. The THC along with the terpenes and other cannabinoids provide an effective remedy that both heals and uplifts its users.

Trainwreck marijuana is also an effective treatment for chronic pains. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties active in its terpenes and other cannabinoids, trainwreck marijuana can be used to treat migraines and chronic headaches, associated with joint disorders or stress. It is also effective in reducing pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. The relaxing effect of trainwreck along with its brain stimulating properties give you healing and a strong feeling of wellness along with it.

Side Effects

There is mixed anecdotal references to both the positive and negative effects of trainwreck, in connection with anxiety disorder and panic. Some claim that trainwreck helps to reduce anxiety and strong feeling of panic. But others say that because of the strong and overwhelming psychotropic properties of trainwreck, it can worsen anxiety in certain individuals. Apparently, certain individuals are more prone to irrational fear and anxiety, and with the powerful effects of trainwreck, these can really worsen into severe panic attacks. That would be a total trainwreck! But maybe trainwreck marijuana is just too strong for them. Something with a higher CBD to THC ratio would probably do them better.

Another side effect of using trainwreck is dry eyes and dry mouth. This is often experienced immediately after hits. It’s not a big problem as these may be easily remedied with common household items. Drink water or flavored fluids to keep you hydrated at all times. And for dry itchy eyes, use eye drops or eye cream. Don’t let these minor irritants spoil your enjoyment of trainwreck weed.

Light it up

Trainwreck marijuana is, as its name suggests, a strong strain of weed. Used as a recreational drug, it can bring you to heights you’ve never experienced in other strains; with an over-all feeling of restfulness and wellness in one bundle. Used as a medicinal drug, it also has its benefits for a number of disorders affecting our thought processes and relief for our ailing, aching head, back, joints, and all. But one needs to be cautious in its use, considering it to be quite potent. Nature has given us recreational and medicinal uses from plant sources like trainwreck marijuana, that cultivating it can be a worthwhile and promising vocation.

What are you waiting for? Roll up that joint and light it up.

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